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Mid Season Interview: Jake MacDonald of North Merchiston

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1. Name: 
Jake MacDonald
2. Team and age group:
North Merchiston Under 19's
3. Sum up your season so far in one sentence:
So far this has been our most successful season yet.
4. What has been the low point?:
Losing 3-0 to Hutchison Vale was definitely a big disappointment.
5. What has been the high point?:
Just generally how far we have come from last year, being so high up in the league and reaching the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup is huge for us.
6. Which player from your squad has improved the most from the previous season?:
I'd probably say Anton Dowds, he's really impressed.
7. What are your team's goals for the second half of 2013/14?:
 Well obviously to keep winning and to bring back as many trophies as possible, I think the Scottish Cup is the biggest one though.
8. What are your personal goals for football in the calendar year 2014?:
I'd like to keep contributing towards the wins, keeping up the goal scoring would be nice too, but I would really love to win the Scottish Cup.
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