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Crosshouse development wows Ayrshire community

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Click here for Crosshouse BC 2006's interview video.

"Progressive." The word that coach Craig Paterson used when asked to describe Crosshouse. 

"We look to ourselves as a kind of school of excellence outside of the pro-youth set up. We're always looking to produce the best players and the best teams that we possibly can and we've got a pretty good record of doing that."

It is hard to disagree with Paterson. They boast Scottish Cup winners in the club from just last season, with older teams making it into various semi-finals. They are the elite team in Ayrshire, playing in the Glasgow leagues, with many players going into pro-youth with Kilmarnock, Ayr or the Old Firm teams. 

Ryan Frew, fellow coach, attributed the rise in quality to the effort of the players. He said: "The boys individually, talent-wise, are progressing. They're taking to the training, everyone's engaged to it. As a whole, they're absolutely fantastic. The growth level has been brilliant.

"We don't lose many games and we expect to be the same again this season. Everything is just now building towards 11-a-side which will happen in a couple of years."

Crosshouse are another side that have started to use the Scottish FA’s Quality Mark award scheme which has benefitted the club hugely.

"I believe we're on the second mark now, we're quite highly engaged with it. We've recently introduced a few extra girl’s teams as well that has allowed us to get to that level so it's something we're highly involved in as much as we can," Frew said.

"We've got very successful teams that are competing very well. I know it's non-competitive but when I say competing, they're playing a fantastic style of football that myself and other coaches have developed into them so obviously, the kind of word of mouth gets about that we're a good football team and players in Ayrshire are wanting to come to us and are attracted to us, so we're very fortunate."

The coaches also believe they are seeing benefits off the pitch. Because the Quality Mark is a certified approval of the club, it makes parents a lot more willing to get involved with the club instead of just taking a back seat role.

"We get the parents involved. We have social nights with the parents so it brings everyone together as a club so it's very, very close club and it makes a big difference to the boy’s maturity," said Paterson. 

"We're asking their parents how they're behaving if there’s any particular child that goes a couple at weeks at misbehaving at home, showing a lack of respect to their parents then we'll suspend them for the weekend's game," Frew told us. It is an interesting approach for the club to take but it is one that will undoubtedly have an impact on the nearby community and the boys’ maturity levels on and off the pitch.

Frew added: “I teach them through that, that it's very, very important to respect everyone around about you and have that discipline. We're very big on that.” The tone of discipline has clearly been set, and this culture around the club is one that is sure to see them progress.

Good luck to Craig and Jack and all their teams for the 2015/16 season!


Andrew Petrie | YFS South East Region Journalist

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