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Crosshouse to face new challenge at Norway Cup

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- Crosshouse BC 2000’s are set to represent Scotland at this year’s Norway Cup
- They’ll be taking part in the Biggest International Youth Football Festival in the World
- Ryan Crombie spoke to coach, Mark Archibald
After months of planning and careful consideration Crosshouse BC 2000’s are about to embark on a footballing holiday across the North Sea to Norway. Famous for its mountain’s, icy glaciers, deep fjords and harsh weather, Norway doesn’t necessarily strike you as the destination for a trip to play football. However, its home to the biggest International Youth Football Festival in the world, The Norway Cup and Crosshouse BC are raring to go.
Firstly I asked the simple question, why Norway? The answer was a comprehensive one and one which many people in Scotland will be glad to hear. 
“We decided to do this trip in particular as there are so many other nations in this tournament. Also because of the vast majority of teams we feel the boys are at an age where they could benefit from seeing how other nations train and play. We are looking to observe this, take it on board and hopefully improve our own game because of it, which will help us to go on to bigger and better things in Scottish football.”
The trip is very much focused on the footballing side of things and will be an excellent gauge as to where the 2014/15 Scottish Cup champions are, compared to the rest of the youth football world. 
Mark Archibald reiterated this and emphasised it was very much important that the boys enjoyed themselves as well as focusing on the football at the same time. 
“The trip for us is all about the football and for the boys to enjoy themselves, on and off the pitch. The trip will definitely have more of a holiday feel to it for the boys but with the serious element of playing football. We haven’t really spoken about what we will be doing in our spare time, so the boys will have a big say in that, but we will make sure it’s fun for everyone. 
“As a club we are entering the tournament to do well as it lets us know where we are in terms of the rest of the football world.”
As you can imagine it’s all very well selecting a country to visit and tournament to enter into but managing to fund it is a different matter. Crosshouse BC have been rather active on this front and have organised several events to ease the costings of the holiday. 
“We have had a very successful race night so far and have organised some bag packing. Our main event was a speaker’s dinner which took a lot of effort. We are also looking to do some sort of sponsored event with the boys to keep them involved in the fundraising process.” 
As stated before the trip is not purely about having fun, it is going to act as a learning curve for the kids so that they can learn from their experience in Norway.
“I’m hoping the boys will look at teams from other nations and pick up some new skills which will benefit them and the team in the future. As for us coaches it’s all about checking if we are on the right track with our coaching methods compared to other nations.”
Crosshouse BC have not been abroad as a team before but do have experience in local tournaments albeit on a smaller scale. Alan Archibald says he is just going to approach the tournament as he would any other.
“We have always entered local tournaments throughout the years and have been quite successful by getting to the latter stages or finals. This is a whole different ball game for us though and it will be the first time we have been away together for any length of time and to a festival of this size. We will approach it all the same as the others and hope to advance as far as possible.”

Ryan Crombie | YFS South East Region Journalist
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