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Klopp gesture a dream come true for Galston's Kyle

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In May of this year, one young footballer was dealt a heartbreaking piece of news. Kyle Burns, a talented Galston YFC 2006 player with an eye for goal, was told that he may never walk again. After being rushed to A&E he was diagnosed with what’s known to the doctors as an fibrocartilaginous embolism. This caused a spinal blood clot, leading to spinal stroke, which then caused a tear in his spinal cord.
After being told he may never walk again, Kyle's attitude has been remarkable. He has worked incredibly hard to make small amounts of progress day by day, with a little help from the football family. Since the news broke, the spirit of the grassroots football community in Ayrshire and beyond has shown incredible generosity. Kyle's gofundme page (click here) set out to generate £1500 in donations, but has recently broken the £10,000 milestone.
The support hasn't just came in the form of money. Kyle's club mates at Galston 2005s dedicated their cup victory to him (click here); he was awarded a special trophy at the Crosshouse CFC tournament in August; and he was even visited in hospital by Ross McCrorie of Rangers.
However, this week Kyle received some special news. This evening the Galston 2006s Facebook page broke the news: "We had a special guest at training tonight! John Logan, uncle of our goalkeeper Cammy Stewart, came to present Kyle Burns with a special letter. John has been working down at Liverpool FC's new training complex and shared Kyle's story with manager Jürgen Klopp who was touched by Kyle's journey. The Pool boss decided to write a letter to invite Kyle down to meet him and the players at the Melwood training ground.
"Kyle is absolutely delighted to receive this invitation and we would like to thank John for the kind gesture! Kyle has came a long way in the past five months and continues to rarely miss a training session or game to support his team-mates and friends. He deserves this amazing opportunity to go down and visit the European Champions."
Everyone at YFS is delighted for Kyle and can't wait to hear about his day with the European champions.
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