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Sunday, 09 December 2012 12:14

Surprise session shocks Bonnyton boys into sweat!

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By Ryan Rowe
Bonnyton Thistle Journalist
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Bonnyton Thistle Special: PT Session from Alan McGillClick here for photo gallery.
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Bonnyton Thistle Under 19's, with their scheduled game against Glasgow University cancelled, were called in for training at Grange Academy today at 8.30 in the morning. With the majority of the team expecting a relaxing kickabout, they received a shock to their system when Alan McGill, a physio at Cumnock Juniors and renowned personal trainer, turned up with his expensive range of equipment and informed the boys that they were in for a “hard but fun” workout!

Alan prides himself on his workouts being football-orientated and claimed he is “sick” of seeing ex pros break down with back problems and other injuries. His workouts, like the one he set up for Bonnyton today, focus on core stability, leg muscles and the back. These are what he believes to be key and Ian Higgins, Bobby Biggar and Neil Wilson (the Bonnyton coaching staff) all seem to agree. They hope this will become a regular occurrence when games are cancelled – especially over the Christmas months. This would give Bonnyton that bit of edge when the leagues restarts after the winter period – and we all know that is when the business end of the season starts.

The boys did their standard warm-up before stretching to loosen the muscles and help prevent injury. Alan set up his circuit as the team grouped into pairs. A variety of workout stations awaited the boys with exercises like “supermans”, “planks”, “Russian twists”, “walking lunges”, “squats with dumbells” and “wobble-board press-ups” amongst others. After putting the work in a ten second juice break was allowed before the team was arranged into a line to perform ‘leap-frogs’ with their partner.

Bonnyton Thistle Special: PT Session from Alan McGillThe boys went back into the circuit again before returning to the line for leap-frogs. Upon returning to the circuit, the unfortunate victims of the dreaded “weight vest” were Steven Hill and Ryan Golightly – forced to workout with a weighted vest strapped around them. Alan organised a cool-down of light jogging and stretching to ensure the body cooled down at a steady rate and helped reduce the chances of injuries.

We managed to grab a few words with Ian Higgins (Head Coach), Alan McGill (Personal trainer) and Kieran McCrum (Captain). Ian pledged his hope that the sessions could become “a regular thing” while Alan said that he thought the team “thoroughly enjoyed it” and “did well”. Kieran stated that he felt the “sliders” were the toughest of the exercises.

The boys looked in reasonable shape for 8.30 in the morning but hopefully as these sessions become more regular they will excel and be able to take this work ethic and extra fitness onto the pitch. This core work could provide the difference towards the end of the season when the medals are handed out.
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Ryan Rowe

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