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Football betting is a popular source of entertainment that has been around the corner for a very long time. Football fans shall know- there are a number of popular football leagues.
The English Football League, the English Premier League, La Liga, UEFA Champion’s League, and others are just a few.
These are leagues that have a wide fan-base and provide enough room for betting. Yes, you read that right! Every sport has room for betting, and football is no different.
Betting on football is such a popular domain that it has become an industry in itself. Several countries have already legalized betting, and some others are on the way to do the same.
Therefore, it is clear that betting is an industry that is constantly blossoming and shall continue to do so.
Now that we have spoken about the popularity of football betting, here is another angle that we need to discuss. Like every other industry, football betting is also filled with myths and conjectures.
In fact, some of these are so convincing that you might actually believe them. And we are here to bust those myths.
Unless you can tell a lie from the truth, you cannot make informed decisions. Therefore, let us investigate some of these myths and learn what is true.


Myth #1: The Bookmakers are Always at an Advantage

There is no evidence so far that shows that the bookmakers have an added advantage over the bettors. People who make the claim do not have much understanding of how betting works.
Therefore, you must not go with the advice given by these people. Think on your own feet and use your judgments.
Of the bookmakers could never be beaten, there would be no point of betting. Betting exists because the bettors have a fair chance of winning the bets.
Yes, it is true that the advantages that the bookmakers have are more than the bettors. But that is not always true.
There are always ways to minimize the edge that they have and place your best bets.

Myth #2: Match Predictions are Always Correct

Another dangerous myth that most naïve bettors fall prey to is that the match predictions are always correct. Why do you think we call it the ‘predictions?’
It is because one can only make assumptions and calculated guesses about the matches. The finality of the game depends on who plays well and how!
And that is the whole point of betting. That is the whole point of having a match. If the predictions were always true, betting would cease to exist.
Plus, matches would not have taken place as players would not have given their best. Match predictions might help you place informed bets. But they do not secure your wins.

Myth #3: Stats Tell You Everything You Need to Know

Here is another terrible betting myth that many like to believe in. Stats and trends do not tell you all you need to know.
Most articles on betting tips do advise the readers to follow the trends and stats. But that is only to gain some perspective.
These figures are not everything that you must pay attention to. You can fall back on the stats to understand what is happening or what might happen.
But never take for granted the several other factors driving this space. Keep an eye out at the stats and observe everything closely, sure.
But do not make definitive betting decisions based on them. One good idea is to factor in all the other elements of football betting along with the stats and trends.
That way, you can make better bets and with much gusto.


Myth #4: Promo Codes and Coupons are Useless

You will be making a huge blunder if you ignore the promo codes and coupons that the betting sites have to offer. Promo codes and coupons have a huge role to play in the football betting space.
In fact, using these help you increase your chances of winning the bets. These coupons aid the bettors to safely raise the stakes without the need of being apprehensive.
However, before using these codes and coupons, make sure that you avail them from trusted sources like www.pointspromo.codes/sugarhouse-promo-code/.
Therefore, the next time you hear the myth being repeated, pay little attention to it. Use these advantageous promo codes and try your luck with the different forms of betting.

Myth #5: ATS or Against the Spread Data Has a Significant Predictive Value

Here is yet another myth that most football bettors might have heard of at least once in their life. Football bettors tend to believe that the Against the Spread (ATS) data has accurate predictive value.
We would like to mention at this juncture what we had mentioned before. It is fine to take into account the different sets of data from different sources.
But, it is not wise to depend on these individual tools and sources to form judgments. In all honesty, ATS has no definitive predictive value at all.
Do not go with the flow when it comes to betting. Use your knowledge. ATS merely tells us how the teams have performed in relation to the point spreads.
It gives no more information besides this. Many bettors make the mistake of going with the ATS to make predictions for the upcoming matches. However, you must know better!

Wrapping Up:

Betting is a vulnerable field, and no one denied that. However, there are also ways to tweak your chances of winning if you place your bets well.
But how do you start to place good bets? What must you know and what must you not pay heed to? Start by nipping these myths right in the bud.
Most of the myths that do the rounds are unfounded. And the ones that you might have reasons to believe are just half-baked truths.
Therefore, you must be very well informed about all that transpires in the betting space to make informed decisions.
Over the past few seasons, the football that Liverpool FC has played can be described as fantastic. In a period that has been dominated by the might of Manchester City, who have spent millions upon millions in building up a team of the best players in the world, it is so refreshing to see a team such as Liverpool, not only playing and competing with them on the same level, but actually raising the bar by a couple of notches as well.
Football fans around the world have endured a very unique season this year, what with all the interruptions due to Covid-19, and games being played out in empty stadiums. That hasn’t stopped a lot of people from enjoying football and  visiting an online casino to place a bet or two on what they think the results of a game might be.

Jürgen Klopp’s arrival

Ever since Liverpool appointed Jürgen Klopp as manager back at the end of 2015, there is only one direction the club have been going and that is up. The Germans arrival has changed the whole mentality of the football club, changing everyone who supports and loves them from being doubters to believers.
Nothing has highlighted this more than back to back appearances in the final of the Champions League, winning it in the 2018-2019 season, and then following it up with the clubs first league title in 30 years. What Klopp has done to the club has been revolutionary, and his management skills, recruitment, training and man to man skills have all been spot on.
Players love to play for him, the fans love to cheer for him, and he is as passionate about his team as any of the great managers in the club's proud and rich history. Legends such as Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and Kenny Dalglish are now his peers and he has earned the right to also be referred to as a Liverpool legend himself.

The Next Chapter

The big question now is what is next for Liverpool and Klopp ? Now that he has achieved the two ultimate prizes in club football over the past two seasons, what is there to aim for next ?
The first would be to defend their Premiership title, which is a lot easier said than done. Only a few times have managed to retain the title the following season, with Manchester City the last team to do so. There is the worry that the fact that they’ve now won the ultimate prize that has eluded the club for the past 30 years, the players and manager might both lose a little of their drive and determination.
This though shouldn’t be a worry for Liverpool as Klopp is a manager who strives for perfection. Simply relaxing because the prize has already been won will not be an option for any of the clubs players, and they may soon find themselves on the bench and replaced pretty quickly if that were to happen.
Klopp keeps his players focused and they have this never say die winning mentality that has been drilled into them over the past 4 years. It’s hard to believe that the players will all suddenly lose that mentality after winning the title. They certainly didn’t the previous season when they won the Champions League. In fact, they gave them the belief and determination to go again and win the title, which they lost the season before to Manchester City by a single point.

The Double or Treble

There is no doubt that Liverpool will be competing again next season at the highest level. They’ve got a lot of targets to aim for, and along with retaining the league title, there is also the small matter of the Champions League, as well as the domestic cups in England.
It’s been a while since Liverpool last won the FA cup, and though it’s importance has somewhat diminished over the past decade or so, it is still a trophy that the fans love, and one that a lot of Liverpool players will want to win. Doing the double or even treble is an extremely difficult task, as many teams have found out over the years.
Not many teams get the chance to win a single trophy, let alone two or three, but teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City have taken winning to a whole new level, and competition for the trophies has never been higher.
Whatever happens next season, especially with the continued presence of Covid-19 and the problems that it has caused all over the world, no one knows. Will football go ahead as usual or will it take place in a much more controlled and restricted environment. If you are a betting person, then you can probably get some great odds for next season, so it’s a good time to visit an online kaszinó, and place a couple of bets for what you think might happen next year.
All we can do is wait and see, but one thing is for sure – Liverpool, as well as other teams such as Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United will all be strengthening their squads during the summer, and the race for the top of the table next season will most certainly be a lot closer than it was this year.
There is no doubt that 2020 has certainly been a turbulent year in terms of youth football throughout Scotland. The good news is that this nation has not been nearly as affected when compared to some other regions of the United Kingdom and Europe. Still, it is better to be safe than sorry. This is the reason why the entire league has faced some interesting challenges over the past few months. However, might things soon begin to return to a semblance of normalcy? What does the Scottish government have to say and how realistic are the associated timelines? Let's take a look at some of the latest updates to get a better idea of what is in store.

Some Teams are Already Returning to Training

Thanks to the easing of some restrictive measures initially put in place by the Scottish government, a handful of teams have once again been able to hit the pitch in order to hone their skills. These include youth organisations such as Edina Hibs, Dryburgh Athletic, EK Burgh United, and Edinburgh City FC.

However, we should also keep in mind that these training sessions are likely to be governed by certain safety measures in order to help guarantee that our young superstars are kept as healthy as possible at all times. It is nonetheless a foregone conclusion that these and other teams are quite eager to get back into the swing of things.

What Does the Scottish Government Have to Say?

The good news is that non-contact football training is already permitted. Still, thees matches can only take place in accordance with current measures such as maintaining the proper social distances and ensuring that gatherings do not exceed the maximum amount of participants.

All indoor sports facilities are slated to reopen on 31 August. Once again, the proper level of social distancing and the appropriate hygienic measures (such as face masks and hand sanitisers) must be present in order to remain open. In terms of ages, children up to 12 years old will be able to play contact football. Adolescents 12 years or older can only participate in non-contact games. Coaches can likewise work with younger players as long as the total number of participants does not exceed 30 at any given time.

A Sign of Things to Come?

While some adult-related sporting activities might have to be replaced with other games such as blackjack online, Scottish children and adolescents can once again enjoy all that football has to offer. However, we should also mention that the easing of prior restrictions could be easily put back in place if we begin to let our guard down.

Parents should be certain that their children are following all of the recommended hygienic and social distancing rules. In the same respect, adults are by no means exempt from the guidelines put forth by the Scottish government. With time and a bit of patience, the Scottish youth football season could begin return sooner as opposed to later.
When Brendan Rodgers left Celtic to take over the reigns at Leicester, few were surprised. The lure of the Premier League knows no bounds – money, fame, success, and a chance to put right what he didn’t quite achieve at Liverpool – success. However, there were a few in Scotland whose eyebrows the move did raise, none more so than the Celtic fans. After all, Rodgers was on for the treble-treble and was just a couple of titles from reaching the holy grail – 10 in a row.
The Bhoys go into the 2020/21 season with a swagger about them – the chance to make history. And they’ve been well backed by punters too – most firms have them at a general priced 8/15 for title success, with their main rivals in the market, Rangers at 6/4. Looking at the betting statistics, there are a number of bonus codes 2020 for bet365 that seem to have been well used, but interestingly, there are reports that 44% of all bets on the outright title have been placed on Rangers, with just 40% on Celtic – the others making up the remaining 16%.
But just why are Rangers so well supported in the market? The signing of former Leeds goal machine, Kemar Roofe could be ley to their success. A general priced 6/1 second favourite to be the league’s top goalscorer, punters really feel that he is the man to fire the Gers to success in their quest to unravel Celtic’s 10 in a row bid. Odsonne Edouard may have something about that though – the striker was in scintillating form last year, and he’s currently a general priced 11/8 in the betting markets to top the goalscoring charts.
It isn’t just the acquisition of Roofe that could hinder Celtic’s chances, but it’s the abundance of talent that Rangers have in the final third that enhances their chances of league success. Alfredo Morelos, as fiery as he is, is a goal machine. If Rangers can keep him, his 10/1 price to be top goalscorer looks incredible value, as does the experienced head of Jermaine Defoe weighing in at a general priced 25/1.
The SPL is full of goals, which is why it’s such a joy to watch. And after all, goals win games, and games win league titles. If you’re thinking that Celtic are a shoo-in to claim success and the holy grail, then you need to think again. The forward line of Rangers has staggering ability and goals aplenty – prepare for a season laced with twists and turns.
Football in Scotland has continued to improve in recent years, with solid youth programs in many of the top clubs. This is likely to see many youth players pushing through the ranks and making the break into first team sides and of course the Scottish Premiership.
This season certainly has been a strange one, as Celtic have again landed the title, meaning their 51st in total and it now puts them just three behind rivals Rangers on 54. This was something that proved very popular with punters, who used the bonus for bet365 to support them pre-season and throughout the current campaign, prior to its cancellation. It also meant that Neil Lennon’s side won the title for the ninth year in succession, as they continue their domination of the top flight of Scottish football.
Source: https://talksport.com/football/537546/celtic-vs-rangers-who-has-won-more-scottish-premiership-titles/
However, the season was cut short, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This came about at the early period of 2020 and has meant that lockdowns have been enforced and sport has been halted. There have been many leagues that are now returning, but the Scottish Premiership alongside the French top flight have cancelled their seasons. This in comparison to the likes of the Premier league, La Liga, Serie A and the Bundesliga, which have already returned. The latter for example has been the first to return and it has proven a great success, with the others mentioned now set to follow suit in the near future.
At the time when the league was halted, Celtic had already built a lead of 13 points over Rangers, with the latter still holding a game in hand. That shows that it would have been a major shock, were Celtic not to go onto land the title this campaign, if it had gone ahead. Celtic therefore have finished with 80 points from a possible 90, winning 26 matches, drawing two and losing two from their 30 matches played. This also includes an incredible goal-difference of plus 70, as they averaged just under three goals per game scored. Celtic were the dominant force again this campaign, and will again be strong favourites to follow up next season and win a tenth in succession.
Manager Neil Lennon has also now stated that no one could have stopped Celtic from winning the title this season, following the announcement of the title. However, the stop in the season has received many negative views, with Rangers not happy about how the process has taken place. The result also means that Hearts have been relegated, but they are now threatening legal action on the matter. This is also something that has been taking place in France, with teams not happy about not being able to finish the campaign. It is a difficult period and the issues arising are likely to go on for a long period of time.
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 09:08

Scotland's next-gen young football stars

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Kieran Tierney by Graham`s pics, on Flickr

"Kieran Tierney" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Graham`s pics

The Scottish Premiership has a fine recent record when it comes to nurturing talent. The likes of Virgil Van Dijk, Victor Wanyama, Kieran Tierney, and John McGinn have flourished in Scotland's top flight before moving to the English Premier League.

Are there any young up-and-coming talents lurking in Scotland facing into the 2020/21 season? Here we look at four players that might just fit the bill.

Jeremie Frimpong - Celtic (19)

The Netherlands U-20 international was on the books at Manchester City before he hit his 10th birthday and spent the best part of a decade in their youth set-up before signing a four-year deal with the Scottish champions in 2019.

A full-back by trade, Frimpong possesses the trickery to play on the wing and impressed in the early stages of last season. He was sent off in the League Cup final against Rangers, though it didn't stop his Hoops teammates grinding out a 1-0 win at Hampden Park.

With pace to burn and a willing attitude, Frimpong has become a fan-favourite at Celtic and looks set to make further progress in Glasgow with the Hoops firm favourites in the football betting to win a tenth successive league title in 2020/21.

Aaron Hickey - Hearts (18)

Left full-back Hickey featured for a Jambos side were denied in the 2019 Scottish Cup final by Celtic at the tender age of 16 and continued to flourish last season, despite the obvious struggles of the Tynecastle side.

He has an eye for goal and managed to net the winner for his side in an Edinburgh derby at rivals Hibernian last September.

He has made only 24 appearances in a Hearts shirt and, following their relegation, is being touted for a move away. He spent time in Celtic's youth system and the Bhoys are said to be keen on a return, while the likes Chelsea and Bayern Munich have also been following his progress.

With the likes of Andy Robertson and Tierney having proved big hits, Hickey could be the latest in a growing list of talented full-backs to emerge from Scotland.

Ibrox Stadium Panorama by aitkenheadImages, on Flickr
"Ibrox Stadium Panorama" (CC BY 2.0) by aitkenheadImages

Lewis Ferguson – Aberdeen (20)

Ferguson is a hard-working midfielder with an eye for goal and he's racking up plenty experience under the tutelage of Derek McInnes since moving to Aberdeen in 2018.

He remains under contract at Pittodrie until 2024 but speculation continues to link Ferguson with a move to Rangers, having slipped through the net at Ibrox in his early teens.

His father Derek and uncle Barry both represented Rangers with distinction and will be pleased to know that the youngster is seemingly on the radar of Light Blues boss Steven Gerrard.

Lewis Smith - Hamilton (20)

Smith could be the latest to come from the Hamilton Accies production line. The New Douglas Park outfit have also produced the likes of James McCarthy and James McArthur to go on to stellar Premier League careers in England and Smith is full of promise having turned 20 back in March.

A winger with plenty of pace and tricks, he's earned praise as an excellent dribbler since making his Scottish Premiership bow in August past.

He's far from the finished product, but there's no doubting Smith could have an X-factor and his physical make-up puts him in the Steven Naismith category.


There are plenty of exciting talents in Scotland's top flight, and big clubs will be keeping an eye out for the next Andy Robertson, Virgil van Dijk or Kieran Tierney. In recent seasons, Scotland has begun to re-establish itself as a breeding ground for up-and-coming talents. Scottish-born youngers, as well as promising would-be stars from around Europe, now know that a leading role in this league can help them push towards the bright lights and big-money of England's Premier League. 

The spread of the coronavirus had brought the majority of major sporting events to a halt for almost three months, with major football amongst this - it has already been said that this may hurt older players more than younger players in the bigger leagues but it hasn’t really been explored on the impact this may have on youth player prospects. This has been touched on previously away from the impact of the coronavirus as a closer look had been taken at SPFL champs Celtic and their selection process for youth players and how it had had started to take a more international look in recent years, diverging from the previous underlying principle of being a historically Scottish club.
The damaging factor that may hurt youth players the most is the delay in competition - much like the SPFL, the Scottish Youth FA had brought the 19/20 season to a premature close as grassroots also ground to a halt along with the major leagues too, and although the guidance and efforts have been pushed to ensure the youth players could return as soon as possible this delay may have already taken its toll. There are now also growing concerns around the 20/21 league across football as a whole - experts are warning the lockdown measures have been lifted much too early and that we could see a second wave of the virus begin to spread, that leads to a possibility the there could be a delay to the start of the 20/21 season further hurting the prospects of these young players who required play time in order to display their abilities to the bigger clubs.
Although the youth season has drawn to a close there is some good news for football fans as a whole, however, as European football on the larger scale is seeing a return - the Bundesliga is already a few weeks in with La Liga in Spain, Serie A in Italy, and the Premier League within the UK all looking to get kicked off within the next two weeks, as fixtures start to go live over the coming week or so non gamstop betting sites at TBC will start to throw odds up and start taking bets as the schedule for football is looking to be extremely packed in the coming weeks to draw the individual seasons to a close by August as the target date.
The next goal in mind as mentioned will be the 20/21 seasons that will look to take place in August depending on when the current seasons are able to be drawn to a close - it will be interesting to see how some of the teams shape up in the leagues that were brought to a close earlier than others, but more importantly whether or not the seasons will get underway at all with the coronavirus still an ongoing threat that could cause further disruptions - if cancellations do come through once again due to a second wave of infection spreading, it could be a devastating blow to youth football and the prospects looking to move up to a different club.
Wednesday, 03 June 2020 16:34

Team United scoop €50,000 award

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A Scottish disability charity has won a €50,000 UEFA award for their work during lockdown.

Team United aim to support young people with disabilities, in particular autism, and have been working hard to provide support for their young people during lockdown as well as continuing to make progress with exciting new projects for when sporting activities do eventually return.

As a result, they have deservedly been recognised by UEFA for their work and have won the UEFA Foundation 2020 Children’s Award and received €50,000.

Ann Brown, Team United director said: “We were nominated by The Scottish FA and I believe this is the first time in over 10 years that they have won through a nomination from a partner. 

“We are absolutely delighted, and this will help to increase our work and further develop the pathway for young players with autism.”

In addition the charity have also been offering online coaching, challenges, a super scoreboard score card for the German league, and are also, with special permission from the SFA, able to hold individual one to one sessions with young people who have been more affected by lockdown and the impact of their mental health.  

Team United have been involved in many projects of late, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic have been working hard to ensure that they can deliver it as soon as they return which includes their new TEAM LEADERS Project.

Ann continued: “TEAM LEADERS is aimed at young people aged 14-16 years who would like to be more involved in football-related matters off the pitch but also combine their skills and talents in football helping achieve results that will prove invaluable later in life. 

“Six young people are currently working on specific areas that will enable us to deliver a successful league launch. We are connecting with them via Zoom on a one to one basis and they then come together monthly to discuss and progress ideas.”

Young players, from the age of six, have been working on this project through their ‘player workbooks’ which focuses on allowing an individual to work on their own whilst looking at activities that enable them to think more about teamwork and the benefits of this. The workbook also covers diet and exercise. 

Prior to lockdown, Team United received some funding from ‘Awards for All’ to further develop a new, innovative project called The Generational Game.

Ann explained: “Team United players will develop a dream team of the greatest 11 players and a manager from the 1990 to 2020 period. 

“Once selected, the team will appear as part of a special exhibition within the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park. Young people have been working during lockdown on the dream team and when back, we hope to join up with the Euro 2021 project team to progress.”

If you would like to find out more about Team United and their work, you can like their Facebook page or go to their website at http://www.team-united.org.uk/.


As part of his HND course, radio presenter Cameron Conner has produced a fifteen minute report on pathways within Scottish youth football. It includes discussions with a wide variety of guests, as listed below:

- Paul Greig (Raith Rovers Community Foundation),
- Michael Wilson (Peebles FC),
- Tony Begg (Penicuik Athletic FC)
- Andrew Johnston (West Lothian Youth Foundation),
- Aaron Moffat (Corstorphine Dynamo FC)
- Declan Fergus (Heart Of Midlothian FC) 
- Robbie McIntyre ( Edinburgh City FC)

Listen to the production below:
The postponements and cancellations of many games as well as an extended period of lockdown had many concerned what may face many of our favourite teams - those concerns were brought to light following what many may feel is a disappointing end to the season, although probably bittersweet for some at the same time - Celtic have been crowned champions of the SPFL for the ninth season in a row after being thirteen points clear with thirty matches played - there has also been additional drama within the SPFL as Hearts are now eyeing legal action following their relegation as the club believes they were still eyeing a recovery if the season were to be played out.
Football fans can find a point of joy however as European football seems to be off to a great start following the delays and concerns around whether or not it was safe to do so - Germany got things started as the Bundesliga has had a couple of weeks head start, a number of players for some teams would test positive for the virus but it didn’t disrupt plans for the league to get underway again as up to eighteen games have been scheduled per week until the season is played through to completion. La Liga in Spain may be the next to see play as the restart date of June 8thseems to be pretty set in stone with fixtures already scheduled. 
The two leagues yet to have any date announced within Serie A in Italy and the Premier League in the UK - UK sport has had the go ahead to get going again in June and it is believed that a restart date could be agreed upon this week with a tentative believed date of June 8thto match Spain, Italy may be a little further behind however as it has already been confirmed that games will be unable to take place until the earliest of June 15thwhich could yet also change. 
(Image from SkySports)

With dates all being so close, however, it does give fans something exciting to look toward - whether you’re just there for the football or you’re looking to a little something else as betting sites and non uk casinos here begin to gear up up for a full schedule, there’s a lot to be excited for. The leagues will all be pushing to have the seasons brought to an end as soon as possible to start preparations for the 20/21 seasons - if the Bundesliga is any indication of what to expect, each league could see anywhere between fifteen and twenty games played per week, which could mean up to seventy games per week across all four major leagues. There are still a number of questions to be answered for second league teams such as the Championship within the UK as some are facing financial risk, but these will look to be addressed in the coming months - for now however, football is back in a big way, and there’s a lot to come.
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