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Picture every young football fans dream...living the life of a superstar player. We make it happen! 
Trans World Soccer is an award winning and values-led sports tour operator that gives school groups and youth football clubs the opportunity to experience life as a superstar footballer, in 4 fantastic destinations - UK; Spain; USA and Dubai. 
We provide a flavour of what life at the top is really like whilst teaching positive mind-sets and behaviours that extend far beyond the sports field. We minimise workload for group leaders, and treat every child like a real-life Superstar; as well as touring the stadiums; playing local teams; and seeing their heroes live; all the action is captured by a professional film-crew. This is not just another trip away. This is Disneyland for football fanatics!
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Our Mission:
To give young football fans from all corners of the world the opportunity to experience life as a superstar player.
Our Values:
Trans World is a values-led company, this quite simply means it is a company run on a basic set of values. Our values declare our purpose as a company and serve as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions:
The core value of Trans World is safety- if people don’t feel safe they do not learn and they cannot give their best. Safety
does not just relate to physical safety, it relates to emotional safety as well, people must feel physically and
emotionally safe in order to learn and grow. With this in mind TWS has made sure to select suppliers that are safe
and welcoming and create an inclusive, encouraging and ultimately safe environment for people to learn, grow and
At Trans World we believe people are our biggest asset. We employ and work with people who have a sound moral value and who believe in what we do. We invest in our people and make sure that they are happy and getting the most out of their time with Trans World. Trans World is a customer-focused business, we listen to our teachers, coaches, children and parents and make sure that Trans World delivers what they need and want in the most innovative fashion. No school or business is better than its teachers or staff, Trans World is as good as its people and we aim to have the best, most enthusiastic, most dedicated and most passionate people working with Trans World. Trans World is a family and we endeavor to welcome more people in to that family every year.
Everything Trans World does must be done to a high quality from promotional materials, staffing, suppliers, event delivery, head office protocol and operations - everything must be delivered to the highest quality. Trans World does not do things by halves, if we do it we do it well. We are only as good as our last trip so we have to get it right first time, every time. There are very specific head office and on-trip protocols in place and manuals that detail all procedures, these all must be adhered to in order to maintain a high quality in everything we do. If it is not quality we don’t do it!
Trans World is all about fun, if its not fun – what is the point? Everyone involved in Trans World from head office to Tour Director staff, customers and suppliers - everyone should have fun when involved with or dealing with Trans World. We are Disneyland for football fanatics, after all! Head office and out on the trips is full of laughter, and fun (as long as it is safe and legal) should be encouraged and promoted. By injecting fun in to all that we do we make sure that people live more and think more with their heart, promoting creativity and making sure that life is taken a little less seriously.
Trans World is built on providing a service to children, parents, teachers and anyone associated with Trans World that is second to none. Trans World goes beyond basic service, we believe in meaningful engagement with our customers and those who work with us. Building meaningful relationships that go beyond a day, weekend or even a week. If you ever email or call Trans World, your query will be answered the same day, if you ask for something out with our normal offerings, we will do all we can to assist. No child, parent or business contact should ever only have one contact with Trans World, its an ongoing relationship, its an ongoing and genuine service. Trans World has people that genuinely care and that is what our exceptional level of service exemplifies.
For more information on Trans World Soccer and our fantastic range of Experiences available to school groups and youth football teams please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our UK office on 0131 510 1008.