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Kasule aims for Victory with Broomhill

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Vic Kasule, Albion Rover’s biggest cult hero, is launching a comeback into football.

The 80s star is the current coach of Broomhill BSC under-19 side, and he is on the lookout for some fresh faces. But what does Kasule, who was once described as "an armoured car of a winger with a cannon for a shot", look for in a youth player?

"Ability, commitment and passion are all important. Players are all different shapes and sizes. You can coach teams and individuals to be better players as long as they show the passion and commitment to be better," he told Youth Football Scotland.

The former Rovers, Meadowbank Thistle, and Shrewsbury, winger can offer the young players looking at a career in football an insight into the game, according to club spokesman Steve Prince.

"Much of what [Vic] does is what you might see anyone doing as a coach at youth level, however where we are looking to develop players for the professional first team it is a huge advantage to have ex professionals like Vic. I think it give us the extra 1% that make all the difference to these young players, success at the highest level is about small margins, Vic give us that,"Prince said.

It seems like an unlikely partnership, and it all came about from Vic standing on the side-lines as spectator. "I was watching my son play for Broomhill and someone asked me to watch over a group of Primary 2 kids at the Clubs 4v4 session at the Park.  Before I knew it I was involved with a team," Kasule said.

"Vic got involved a few years ago as many parents do, watching their kids and helping out. We are dependent on volunteers to run teams and Vic answered our call. As well as taking the under-19s, he is also involved with our 2002s and still takes the little kids at 4v4s on a Saturday," Prince adds.

It’s a big season for Kasule, who is still recovering from a high-profile tragedy. He was caught up in the Clutha Vaults crash in 2013, an incident he admits will stick with him for life: "I am still recovering to honest, [I’m] not sure if these experiences ever leave you.

"What it has made me is far more tolerant, I appreciate life and the people I share it with a lot more, and I want to give something back. Life is too short, so I say use it and use it well!"

Good luck to Broomhill SC and Vic Kasule over the course of the next season!

Andrew Petrie | YFS South East Region Journalist

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