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Head Coach Full of Optimism for Arthurlie Juniors Blaze 04s

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Terry Daley, Head Coach of Arthurlie Juniors Blaze 2004s, spoke to YFS at our Open Night at Glasgow's Woodside Hall about his team's chances and prospects for the 2015/16 season after what has been a "starting off period" for the club, which formed just last season.
Daley took the decision to separate his squad into two teams - one blue, one white - due to varying levels of ability within the group. The white team is for developing players, whilst the blue team is for those players who are currently at a later stage of their progression.
It's a situation which pleases the coach and, Daley believes, brings out the best in his players. 
"The white team work hard to get into the blue team," he said.
Asked about what the club were looking to achieve, Terry said he is "trying to make both teams as strong as possible for going into 11-a-side. We'll try and have them working together, both teams, as the blue team makes the white team stronger."
As touched up by Daley, the biggest challenge facing the group is the looming move to 11-a-side matches. But Daley insists they are prepared for the challenge.
"We'll be more than ready for it when it comes," he said. "More than ready."
Team spirit appears to be high within the squad and Daley seems pleased with the way in which the players conduct themselves. However, he feels this is almost holding them back on the pitch slightly.
"They're a good bunch of boys, sometimes too nice on the park, that's the problem!" He joked. But in all seriousness, he aims to "harden them up" and teach them all the little tricks of the trade which will help them march towards success.
It is still naturally early days for the club who have only been in existence for a very short while, but their eyes are firmly set on the future and next season when they play as an 11. But not before a very defiant Terry sees them through their last season as 7s "with a bang!"
Best of luck to them!

Luke Barry | YFS South East Region Reporter
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