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Frame Football Scotland aiming to grow and develop

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Frame Football is the latest innovation in the ever-expanding world of football here in Scotland. The difference however is that it is designed to give children with walking disabilities such as cerebral palsy a chance of living the dream of being a football player.
Frame Football Scotland is the leading organisation of frame football in Scotland who cater for boys and girls aged between three and 16 who use a walking aid. The game was invented in 2013 through a venture between Birmingham FA and CP (Cerebral Palsy) Sport.
After gaining momentum in England, the game was picked up two years later by Steve Keenan whose son Nathan has cerebral palsy and uses a walker to get around. “We noticed there was frame football being played in England albeit including ambulent (walking) children,” Steve said. “After a phone call from the organiser we decided to set something up in Glasgow.
“Currently we have over 20 registered players so far with kids coming as far as Dunoon and Dunfermline coming,” he continued.
Although only formed last year, the response to frame football in Scotland has been fantastic. “The children love it,” states Steve. “Not only is it fun but it's also great exercise. They're experiencing something they never imagined was possible.”
The game has been boosted furthermore thanks to Partick Thistle coaches, David Galt and Kevin Kells, who train with the kids each week alongside Steve.
As Frame Football Scotland is a relatively new organisation, their events are based centrally in Glasgow for the meantime but Steve is hoping to expand the sport across the country. “Here in Scotland, we want to try create a club in various regions all over the country,” he said. “There are many young boys and girls using walkers and we want them to experience what the kids in Glasgow are currently experiencing."
Should the sport continue growing, Steve reckons there could be a league soon enough. “Through time we would love to create a Scottish league and develop the sport accordingly.” At the moment, the sport hasn't grown to that extent but Steve “welcomes any parent from any region to register their child and we can contact them once a club in that area has been set up.”
Frame Football Scotland organise matches every Sunday morning at the Firhill Complex in Glasgow. Their website is currently being developed, however you can reach them via Facebook by simply searching 'Frame Football Scotland' and via twitter @FfootballScot.

Daniel Smith | YFS South East Region Journalist
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