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Sons of Struth and Mols launch new kit initiative

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Sons of Struth Football Academy have enlisted the help of ex Ibrox ace Michael Mols to launch their innovative new incentive that they hope will provide the funds for their new Coerver partnership venture.
Their recently launched Adidas kit is being marketed by Lionbrand and the academy will receive a donation for every top sold which they will use to prevent increasing monthly subscriptions at their academy.
SoS academy chairman Craig Houston commented "The Coerver partnership will provide a great opportunity for our academy to improve the technical ability of our kids, add value to our coaches and help us attract even more kids and coaches going forward. This venture should allow us to provide better coaching without asking parents to foot the bill."
SoS Academy won't be the only beneficiaries from the venture as Houston looks to continue supporting Rangers Youth Development Department. He added "we will split the donations we receive with Rangers Lotto who provide funds for Rangers Youth teams. Our relationship with Rangers Youths is great and some of our kids and coaches have already benefitted from trips to the Rangers Youth Academy. Rangers also kindly provided community coaches for our launch open night one year ago. I hope to further develop the relationship through time."
Mols was coached as a kid using Coerver methods and was happy to lend his weight to the project that can let local kids In Glasgow and Fife experience the same methods. Houston explained "Michael has been great and has visited our kids regularly during our first year. A few weeks ago he joined our other ambassadors Marco Negri and John MacDonald at our training and it was a great honour watching three ex pros coaching our kids"
SoS academy have adopted the ethos of "a volunteer club with professional standards" and by joining some global clubs as a Coerver Partnership club they certainly appear to be holding up to that mantra.
By opening a second centre on the east coast Houston expects the academy to rise to 100 kids in the coming months "Marvin Andrews has agreed to assist the east coast venture as ambassador and has already been involved with the first coaching sessions through there."
Houston aims to continue using out the box thinking to deliver a quality training option without overly expensive club fees. He explained: "we want to provide a top quality academy and this unfortunately costs money but by doing things a bit differenly we hope to deliver a quality product at a reasonable cost to parents. We have ordered our own mascot from the firm that's made Chelsea and Manchester United's mascots and once Struthi arrives we will use him to promote our academy throughout the communities and even this provides a sponsorship opportunity which saves us going to parents all the time with an endless number of football cards, etc."
The kit is available now at http://thelionbrand.co.uk/sons-of-struth
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