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Southside Stars U13s clinch ERSDA title

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Southside stars U13s remarkably collected the ERSDA trophy in only their first season in existence. The stars didn’t even concede defeat during their league campaign and we got the chance to chat to boss Tommy Steele to find out about their season in more detail.

The Stars won everything in front of them in their first year as a team and Tommy said this about how proud he was of his team “This was our first season as a club. We only founded a year and a half ago so I couldn’t have even imagined winning the league. I was just going to be happy with the top 4 as that was our aim before the season so to win the league and the domestic cup is unbelievable”

When asked about his favourite moment of his sides 16/17 campaign he said “It wasn’t even winning the league or the cup,  it was that we were in a tournament there, with all the top teams in Paisley and we won the tournament. So for me, I got more satisfaction out of that as we were playing the top teams. The league was exciting as we had to play Palace Park in the final game so it was a bit nerve wracking but it was good when the boys actually won it to see them enjoy themselves”

Southside Stars had many highs throughout the seasons but still endured challenges. When asked about his biggest challenge, Steele said this about his biggest obstacle. “It was trying to get the new boys embedded into the team. Because it was the first season and trying to find out what position suited each person. But apart from that it went smoothly with no major problems”

To nail down what the reason for success was for a season can be tricky but Tommy said this, “I just feel like the boys worked well together. I done all of the secretary stuff all the organising. The 3 coaches also Phillip, Kev, Robert Mulan and David Fraser. David is the young coach he is learning from the others so they all worked well together. Between us all, we all played our roles well. which made it easier."

After debuting with perfect season Tommy still has high aspirations for the next season. “We have moved up to a harder league to the Paisley District League which is more teams round our level with one of the teams, St Peters winning the Scottish cup and finishing high in their league. The plan is to test ourselves in that league with a few new boys. We are also starting a new team, taking one team to the district league and leaving the other in the ERSDA league”

Tommy made some final comments about his team “It is good now we have a development set up as the boys can have a season to develop to try and work their way up to the district league which is going to be a higher standard. There was no better feeling however than seeing the boys lifting the trophy and just enjoying themselves” 

Congratulations to Southside Stars and all the best to the two teams in their upcoming seasons.




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