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Eastwood defeat Barrhead on penalties after a hardly fought 1-1 draw

Barrhead YFC Yellow 1

O'Neil 48

Eastwood Juveniles 1

Leask 13
  • 1-1 (3-4 on penalties)
  • Saturday, 02 December 2017
  • Cowan Park, Barrhead
  • Under 21´s
  • Only Sport League Cup

Luke Hamilton scores the winning penalty as Eastwood win 4-3 on penalties in an incredibly tense game of football.

An early goal from Chris Leask gave Eastwood a well deserved lead but Barrhead fought back into the game first with a missed penalty from Jamie Cochran but early in the second half Lucas O'Neil got Barrhead back into the game.

The first chance of the game fell to Barrhead and it came after great footwork from O'Neil but it was well saved from Ryan Truesdale. 

But the best chance of the game so far came from Ross Geddes but his hot was well cleared off the line by David Munn, who himself had a very good match.

Eastwood then took the lead after Leask shot from the edge of the box it looked like it was going to fly in but it deflected in off of Gary Reynolds and it wrong footed the keeper and it went in past him.

Soon after wards though Barrhead had a great chance after Truesdale brought down Cochran in the box but the penalty was subsequently saved and even though that penalty was missed it gave Barrhead a lot of confidence knowing that they were able to get chances against an extremely strong opponent in Eastwood. 

And that showed as Barrhead were on the front foot for the majority of the first half but they didn't create a lot of chances but they were able to pin Eastwood into their own half.

  • Half Time:
  • Barrhead YFC Yellow
  • 0-1
  • Eastwood Juveniles

Barrhead did equalize though only a few minutes into the second half and it came from an Eastwood corner as Joe Bradley slid a perfectly weighted through ball that split the two center halves to O'Neil who tucked the ball beyond the goalkeeper to level it up.

Eastwood then had an exceptional chance to take the lead after Geddes hit a shot from the edge of the box it was well saved but it was palmed out to Luke Hamilton but he hit it over, it was easier to score there. But that chance gave Eastwood a bit of confidence now, much like missing the penalty pushed Barrhead onwards.

But there wasn't really many chances in the second half but an incredibly interesting battle in the midfield as both teams struggled to take control in the middle of the park.


  • Full Time:
  • Barrhead YFC Yellow
  • 1-1
  • Eastwood Juveniles
The penalties started with both teams scoring their first three penalties. With Jamie Cochran, making up for his previous miss, Andrew Gray and Lucas O'Neil all scoring for Barrhead. While David Woods, Jamie McLaren and Chris Monk all scoring for Eastwood Juniors Then both Joe Bradley, Barrhead and Chris Leask, Eastwood, both missed for their respective clubs. But David Munn blazed is penalty over the bar to leave Declan Kelly with the chance to win the game which he did. So that Put Eastwood into the next round of the cup.

Final Result: 1-1 (3-4 on penalties)


Barrhead YFC Yellow
Eastwood Juveniles
1. Callum Harris 2. David Munn 3. Calum McLean 4. Ben Cross 6. Andrew Gray 7. Joe Bradley 8. Jamie McQuade 9. Lucas O'Neil 10. Jamie Cochran 11. David Rooney 12. Jonathan Gent 15. Craig Cameron 17. Ciaron Orr 18. Declan McWilliams 20. Gary Reynolds
1.Ryan Truesdale 2. Kieran O'Donnell 3.Gavin Campbell 4.Ryan McFadden 5.Thomas Greene 6.Mark Patterson 7.Jamie McLaren 8.Declan Kelly 9.Ross Geddes 10.Chris Monk 11.Chris Leask 12.Steven Hastie 14.Paul Smillie 15.Ross Donnelly 16. David Woods 18. Luck Hamilton
Star Player
Barrhead YFC Yellow
Eastwood Juveniles
Jonathan Gent He swept up everything at the back and without him I think that Barrhead would not have taken that game to penalties also he was very good at organizing the back line and controlling the game
Ryan Truesdale Savingapenalty in the game and also making a couple fo great saves plus he saved another penslty during the shootout to set Eastwood well on their way to winning the game`
Magic Moment
Barrhead YFC Yellow
Eastwood Juveniles
Barrhead got their well deserved goal early n the second half and it came after a phenomenally timed through ball in between the two center halves.
When Truesdale saved that penalty it was a big twist in the game because then Barrhead would have taken that momentum and possibly went on to win the game in 90 minutes.
Club Views
Barrhead YFC Yellow
Eastwood Juveniles
Barrhead were extremely unlucky to lose this game as they probably had the best chances to win the game but now they can go onto try and get themselves away from the bottom of the league and going off this match they definitely have the quality to do so.
Eastwood now are up there to be favorites to win the game because as the cliche goes if you win by not playing well that is the best sign of champions. So even though they weren't themselves in this match they should be able to up their performance level for the next match.
  • Match report and photos copyright Youth Football Scotland.
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