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Drumchapel United's 06 & 07's look to test themselves against quality opposition at the Blackpool International Trophy with Trans World Soccer

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In this edition of #WhatsYourStory we preview Drumchapel’s 2006 + 2007 age groups, who are both headed to the Blackpool International Trophy with Trans World Soccer.
Drumchapel United are a relatively young club, having been founded in the summer of 2001. The club are a huge, volunteer-run organisation with 98 coaches, 23 playing squads and over 400 players registered to our squads.
We caught up with the coaches of the two outfits, who will be testing themselves against some great teams from around the continent this weekend, to find out what they are most looking forward to about their trip.
‘We are looking forward to testing ourselves against quality opposition, but more importantly spending time as a squad with each other away from football.’
A common theme amongst teams travelling with Trans World Soccer this Easter is that they are looking to grow as a squad, and a trip away gives them a perfect platform to do so.
Drumchapel have had some serious success off the field in recent years, with the SFA awarding them Legacy Club status, making them just one of five clubs in the West of Scotland region to receive the accolade.
Last year the club also won the SFA’s Best Community Club award, becoming the first side in the region to do so.
The 06 and 07’s will be hoping to emulate this success on the pitch in Blackpool this weekend.
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