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Linwood YC show great character to comeback against a strong Rossvale

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Linwood Rangers
Under-14 PJDYFL
26 Apr 2014
On Saturday 26th April Linwood Rangers were away in the league to Rossvale FC. The game was on grass at the Milton Glasgow Club and conditions were bright/fine. The game started and it was tight and competitive but Rossvale certainly had the edge and looked the more dominant team. 
Linwood  hardly strung two passes together in the first half. Rossvale by contrast looked big and strong and determined and were winning the challenges all over the pitch. Corners in particular were a problem for Linwood with Rossvale having a significant height advantage that they used to good effect. So make no mistake: the first half was a tough period for the Linwood boys and 35 minutes might have seemed much longer than usual for those who were playing.
 Rossvale scored an opener: a ball over the top and their forward leaves our last man in his wake and finishes well, 1-0 Rossvale. 
Then a second goal: a Rossvale corner and they rise above us in the box to header home, 2-0 Rossvale.
Then a third goal: another Rossvale corner and again they out jump us in the box to head home, 3-0 Rossvale.
Half Time: Rossvale 3-0 Linwood Rangers
It was a much different Linwood team we saw in the second half  as the boys shut up shop against Rossvale and stopped them creating any more clear chances. And with the back door looking more secure now Linwood then went on the offensive and looked to hit Rossvale hard with quick counter attacks... linwood got one back: Cameron Coughtrie going down the right hand side and finding Stephen Adam ahead who takes it into their box at pace and finishes low, 3-1 Rossvale now. 
Then Linwood got a second back: Stephen Adam flying at Rossvale and leaving them trailing and then bursting into the box and finishing brilliantly again, 3-2 Rossvale now.
And then Linwoods third back: Ally Munro wining the ball in defence and playing a lovely long ball over the top for Stephen Adam to run onto, Stephen getting there then working inside and rifling the ball into the top corner, 3-3 now. 
And then with the last move of the game Linwood got the winner: Linwood pressing Rossvale back and into their box, the ball coming in but being blocked and going loose, Cameron Coughtrie first to react and chipping the ball over the goalie so that it drops down into the backof the net, 4-3 Linwood.
 A game of two halves between two teams still involved in the league title race ! Well done to all involved. 
Full Time: Rossvale 3-4 Linwood Rangers
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