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Blantyre maintain lead at top of the table

A dominant display from Blantyre BC at Airdrie Leisure Centre led to a frustrating game for Bellshill Athletic, with an eight-goal thriller which began with a really entertaining opening with both sides remaining compact defensively.

Bellshill were hoping to bounce back after a defeat to the opposition in the regional cup group stage. Blantyre were keen on extending their lead at the top of the table and continuing their unbeaten run in the league.

More than half of the goals in the game came from Blantyre’s striker Zac McGoldrick. He eventually went on to score a hat-trick by the 30-minute mark, despite the quick response from Bellshill which was scored after great play from the attacking point of view.

Blantyre won a penalty with six minutes remaining of the first half to increase the margin to three goals.

The second half produced just as much action with a further two goals from McGoldrick settling the game. Bellshill Athletic saw one of the coaches red-carded for dissent towards the match official. This came after what the coach believed was “a controversial decision” as a player from Blantyre was accused of pulling down a Bellshill attacker.

Although the game had crept away, the Bellshill midfield and defence tried their best to push the team up and they created a few chances. However, the attackers were unable to convert any attempts into goals. Many of the chances were very well worked including one that saw Bellshill so close to scoring a third. Despite a goal later in the game from Ryley Smith, Bellshill tried to find a way back into the game.

Overall, both teams gave everything they could in the hope of seeing three points come their way and after 80 minutes of football, the result went Blantyre’s way. The windy conditions were certainly proving difficult for both sides, however, they showed resilience when the wind affected the game.

The first-half penalty was crucial from the Blantyre point of view as it allowed them to settle into the game confidently. The attacking displays from both teams were impressive and kept a good tempo throughout the game.

Bellshill Athletic will hope to turn things around in their next game when they play Mill Utd later in the month. Blantyre will also be hoping for a strong display in their upcoming fixture as they also face Mill Utd.

Bellshill Athletic Yellow Player of the Match: Aiden Ward

Despite the defeat, he showed strength in defence and remained composed throughout the game. He also showed plenty of desire to win the ball when out of possession.

Blantyre BC Player of the Match: Zac McGoldrick

He was a goal machine for Blantyre BC as he netted five goals across the two halves. After completing his hat-trick within 30 minutes, he continued to dominate Blantyre’s attack and showed determination to score every time he went forward.

Bellshill Athletic Yellow Magic Moment:

The penalty from Daniel Kelly helped settle the game for Blantyre just before the end of the first half. He smashed the penalty into the top-left corner showing great placement and power.

Blantyre BC Magic Moment:

The quick response from David Herron after going 2-0 down to make it 2-1 added a real competitive perspective to the game and gave Bellshill the opportunity to get back into the game.

Bellshill Athletic Yellow U16s

1. Callum Sloan

2. Roman McDermott

3. Conor Falconer

4. Brodie Mcneilly

5. Jay McCaul

6. Aiden Ward

7. David Herron

8. Ryley Smith

9. Aron Porter

10. Mason Rodden

11. Mattheos Stafylarakis

14. Cole Steventon

15. Adam Stevenson

16. Nathan Haney

18. Rhys Roberts

21. Sam Wishart

Blantyre BC U16s

1. Mason Graham

3. Alan Glowacki

4. Josh Neary

5. Miguel Vitorino

6. Daniel Kelly

7. Dylan Aitken

9. Josh McSkimming

10. Aiden Burke

11. Jayden Brannan

12. Paul Creaney

14. Craig Dickson

15. Aiden Timlin

18. Shaun-Michael Stokes

19. Marcus Falconer

20. Daniel Stewart

21. Zac McGoldrick

22. Dylan Murphy



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