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Celebrities from an early age.

A lot of children are involved in sports from an early age, but there is a small part of children who continue to love sports in adulthood and reach the professional level. – provides information about sports news. This article talks about the most popular soccer players who came out of English youth teams. There are two professional and famous academies in England – Liverpool and Manchester United, so most aspire to get there, but those who have already become world famous are worth considering now.

David Beckham

The man the world became aware of in 1995-96 in the Premier League, as every time he stayed on the pitch after training to practice free kicks. It would later be this type of kick that would become his thing, allowing him to become a part of clubs; Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy. But a little fame also reached him in 1992, when he was put in United’s main squad in a Final League Cup match. In 1996, he stepped on the pitch and decided to start the game from the center of the pitch, after which he started receiving invitations to various clubs. His story proves that with effort, it is possible to reach the heights.

Steven Gerrard

Preferred to choose the Liverpool academy for his start and already from the age of 8 he was engaged in the team of the Reds. At that time, there were no strong hopes for the player, so he was not often let near the games. Then Stephen also had the idea of making Liverpool appreciate him, so he went to view other clubs, among which the main competitor was Manchester United. But the academy “Liverpool” offered a contract, so the athlete gradually grew in his career. Throughout his career he managed to score 187 goals, break records and become popular. The main thing is to remain loyal to the club, which made him a champion, because Stephen refused expensive contracts of other clubs.

Ryan Giggs

Another example that it is possible to reach the heights even in the youth period. This man is almost the leader of the Manchester United academy in terms of confidence at matches and victories. The career began with the amateur hobby of a small boy. The observations of a simple newspaper delivery boy, who was also a steward at Old Trafford stadium, helped the Manchester United coach learn that there was a boy with a lot of potential in him. Years later, everyone will know that Ryan Giggs has an advantage over his closest pursuers with more than 200 games and 13 Premier League titles to his name.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Player who is a beginner in his career and young but with a lot of potential. At the age of 6 (2004), he joined a soccer summer camp where he was spotted by a Liverpool scout. This acquaintance and the fact that the scout noticed Trent subsequently allowed him to move from a regular school to one that cooperated with the Liverpool academy. Since 2016, Alexander-Arnold has appeared in many matches and has also managed to distinguish himself in the Premier League in terms of the number of passes made among defenders. Therefore, there is a good chance that he will manage to break his own or even world records during his years in soccer.

Harry Neville

Example of how to prioritize and love what you do, because, he literally had to give up his classic teenage life to take up soccer and get into Manchester United’s academy. He took up a key position at United in 1994, and made his debut earlier in 1992 in a UEFA Cup match. He aspired to play in the center of the pitch, but unfortunately there were too serious competitors there, so he played right-back. To be on the pitch 85 times is a very significant figure that only four people managed to cross, which proves Harry’s ambition to play soccer professionally.

The stories of celebrities who started their careers with youth teams shows that any hobby can grow into something serious if you believe in yourself. And also the importance of training, practice for himself, because, almost all famous footballers from 6-8 years old learned to play soccer, and then fate showed them that they are moving in the right direction. After all, how to explain the fact that someone was noticed already at the age of 6 in a summer camp, and in the story of another ordinary man who handed out leaflets, was able to tell about the player to the coach of Manchester United? Playing for famous national teams is not easy, but these 5 people have tried and given up a lot in life to get where they are today.



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