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Currie beat City in tight final to net silverware



Currie Star
Edinburgh City White
Nicoll (2)


Ian Mackay Cup – Final
Saughton Enclosure
Ian Mackay
By Ian Mackay
YFS South East Region Reporter

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I always think the cup in my name is one of the major trophies to be won in youth club football. That’s bias for you! I am wrong, of course, but it was another special night for me to see these two sides in action. The passing game was not much in evidence, but my goodness me, what effort, genuine ability and great, great sportsmanship. Referee Dale Kerr had nothing to worry about in this sporting encounter and his two assistants, Brian Walker and Paul MacBeth also did very well.

And who, I ask, ordered the rain to fall and in the process make my notebook soggy – along with my poor old heid! This final was a real ding-dong affair with the ball moved about quickly all over the big pitch. And did these two squads of players give it laldie (if there is such a word). Edinburgh City Whites appeared to me to be in awe of Currie’s big striker, Billy Nicoll (No 12). And it was Nicoll who opened the scoring in the opening minutes and he looked to have a real touch of arrogance about himself in so doing.

So, Currie led 1-0 and it was a bit of an uphill struggle for the Whites from then on. I wonder if I could give Billy Nicoll some humble advice regarding his attitude. Put aside your arrogance Billy and concentrate on improving your game. You will come up against bigger and faster players than you are and also others wanting to cut you down to size. I have seen it all before Billy. At this age, you have it all to learn and improve I hope. Good Luck to you and all the other players who aspire to going on to make their mark in the game. Such as Edinburgh City Whites skipper, No 7, Sam Thompson. He is a very good player and as he grows and gains strength, he will get even better.

It was real hell-for-leather stuff from both sides with Nicoll the main threat to a rather uncertain City defence. Robert Watt, in the Currie goal, was a real star in this game, very quick and able. And it was nice to see him confidently pick shots out of the air. As the game progressed, it was very open and City had their fair share of attacks. Playing good football in the process although the power and pace of Nicoll made him a constant source of problems to the City rearguard. Ben Young got the jitters when he struggled to hold on to a shot at his goal, but he redeemed himself to clear.

City got themselves back in to contention when Owen Chan was brought down by Watt in a good attack on the Currie goal. Penalty, said the referee and Russell Drummond, a pupil at Craigmount HS, did an excellent job from the spot-kick to make it 1-1.

What was Currie’s reply to that goal from Russell? They went up to the other end and a very good corner from the left, taken by Harry Taylor-Cavanagh, was nodded in to the net by Billy Nicoll – with the City defenders looking like rabbits caught in the glare of a car’s headlights. That made it 2-1 for Currie and Nicoll’s second goal was enough to win the cup. We did not know it when he scored with the most simple of headers, but it surely was, pardner!

At half-time, the players on both sides were given the opportunity to calm down a wee bit and pass the ball a lot more. At least, I thought they would as I love passing football and movement. While there was not much in the way of passing moves, there was, indeed, lots of movement. The City defenders closed down the supply of passes to Nicoll, very effectively too, I must add. There was lovely moment in the game when City No 9, Michael Murphy, treated us all to a brilliant display of close skills in front of the Curie goal and he made space for himself to have a pop at goal. Only for the ball to slip wide of the left-hand post. You deserved a goal for that Michael!

Half Time: Currie Star 2-1 Edinburgh City White

It was Murphy again who led the charge at the Curie goal, only to be denied this time by the brave Robert Watt. Great stuff in the rain (damn it). This game did not lack action in both goalmouths and Watt did well to punch away a great cross from left. And the effort from both sets of players increased. City just needed to score, while Currie were equally determined to hold on to their one goal lead.

A goalmouth scramble in front of Watt looked a good chance for City to snatch an equaliser, but somehow Currie survived. I know not how! And Nicoll grabbed himself a slice of the action with a good shot at the City goal. That was a near thing and a goal for Currie at that time would have sealed City’s fate.

One of the best young players on the pitch was Currie No 9, Declan Davidson and he also appeared to be another of players in youth club football who has the name ’wee man’! That came from another young man on the sidelines who shouted and encouraged Currie from start to finish.

The pulsating style of all-out commitment continued right up to the final whistle – and it was Edinburgh City White keeper, Ben Young, who brought down the curtain on this under-14 final with a brilliant save. A good way to end any game, but Ben and his team-mates ended up runners-up. Well done to Currie, and I hope to see them in action again, on a dry night, please!

The cup, surprise, surprise, and individual awards, were handed over by me, little old, soaking wet me. Now I have another cold. It is no fair at all, is it?

Full Time: Currie Star 2-1 Edinburgh City White


Currie Star Edinburgh City White

Robert Watt
Taylor Reynolds
Cameron Milligan
Harry Taylor-Kavanagh
Brendan McGinn
Cameron Scott
Stewart Rowney
Kieran Walton
Declan Davidson
Dylan Caldwell
Richie Wood
Billy Nicoll
James Summers
Maxwell Farrer
Liam Berry




Ben Young
Jordan McNaughton
Owen Chan
Luke Gibson
Andrew Hunter
Callum Doig
Matthew Murray
Rory Hardie
Michael Murphy
Ruari Oliphant
Callum Miller
Daniel Paterson
Lewis McAndrew
Sam Thompson
Russell Drummond
Jordan Drysdale



Billy Nicoll’s goals were the difference, but Declan Davidson was outstanding for Currie throughout, earning the award.



Skipper Sam Thompson was an important player for Edinburgh City, working tirelessly and setting a fine example for his team-mates. 





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