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Five-goal thriller ensures West Park remain undefeated

West Park United Sky won their 19th game of the league as their unbeaten run continued on Saturday.

Bridgend FC put out a good run, but it was West Park that found victory at the full-time whistle as they pulled out all the stops to create five wonderful goals.

West Park started the game really strong with chance after chance.

Cameron McKelvie was the first to take a shot, but Bridgend keeper Jordan Lawrie comfortably saved it.

Shortly after, Lawrie made another excellent save as Harris O’Brien took a powerful shot, but Lawrie managed to hold it.

Bridgend then found themselves in the opposing box but Aaron Musleh managed to collect the ball from the feet of Bridgend as they were unable to get the shot away.

Harris O’Brien was then dribbling past the defence up the park and passed the ball to Callum McNeil who took a good shot at goal. However, his efforts drifted over the bar, denying West Park their first.

Very quickly Bridgend was back on the counterattack and Ciar McCloskey made a lovely through ball. Unfortunately, there was no one on the receiving end though, and West Park keeper, Ethan Hamill, cleared it long up the park.

McCloskey was quick off the mark again as he took on the West Park defence to find enough space to make an attempt at goal from a distance, but it went wide.

Ryan McLauchlan was next to challenge the West Park defence as he found himself clear of defenders approaching the keeper, but his shot did not find the target as it went over the bar.

Moments later McLauchlan found himself one-on-one with the keeper again, but Hamill made himself big and the ball did not find its way past him.

McNeil had a free kick from a tight angle and tried to curl it into the back of the net, but his great effort just floated wide.

West Park were not done there though as they had a series of shots on target as one strike was cleared off the line by Bridgend’s Lewis Maxwell, with a second attempt rocketing towards the net with the keeper off his line. However, it was cleared once again amazingly by Archie McManus and the third and final shot from McNeil which was tipped over the bar by Lawrie and after all their efforts West Park still had nothing to show for it.

The first goal came 23 minutes into the game as Musleh took his chances whilst his field of vision was clear and chipped the ball towards the goal that floated over the head of Lawrie as he reached tall but he was unable to stop the ball from landing in the back of the net as West Park broke the stalemate.

O’Brien took a shot shortly after and it was a good attempt with good power, but it landed right in the chest of Lawrie.

West Park’s second was then secured three minutes before the half-time whistle as Jaden McConnell took his chance whilst Lawrie was off his line and chipped the ball into the back of the net.

Going into the second half there was all to play for, despite West Park being 2-0 up, Bridgend were still finding themselves with plenty of chances.

Despite their efforts though, a free kick early in the second half saw West Park take the score line to 3-0 as Musleh stepped up to take it from 20 yards out and managed to direct the ball to the bottom right corner of the goal as he secured his second goal of the day.

Yiton Chen then quickly found himself making an excellent run, finding space far from the Bridgend defence and managing to cross the ball to McConnell who was swarmed by Bridgend defenders who did brilliantly to win back possession.

McLauchlan then found the ball at his feet and managed to take it around Hamill but was so unlucky not to get the goal despite his efforts as his shot hit the post and went out for a goal kick.

West Park demonstrated some great link-up play as they worked their way up the park as O’Brien sent a through ball out wide to John McLaughlin who calmly slotted it into the back of the net in the 49th minute, making it 4-0.

Attempts at goal were plentiful from both teams as Ethan Swan took a shot from 30 yards out, determined to get Bridgend their first of the game, however, Hamill made a comfortable save.

Chen was then in front of goal and had a go at it however the defender managed to get a toe on it to send it out for a corner. Bruk Fesehatsion stepped up to take it but his cross drifted over the heads of the players in the box.

A goal for Fesehatsion came shortly after in the 58th minute though, as he dribbled the ball past two defenders to the edge of the box and took a shot that rocketed into the back of the net, securing the 5th goal of the day.

Bridgend pushed on though, as Arran Fleming’s corner found the head of Niall Christie in the box but he’s off by inches as the ball went wide.

The full-time whistle went as West Park celebrated another clean sheet and five goals added to the triple number goal tally, whilst Bridgend still had it all to play for sitting third in the table.

West Park United Sky Player of the Match: Yiton Chen

Chen made fantastic runs on and off the ball, finding great space and creating chances as well as taking shots at goal.

Bridgend FC Player of the Match: Archie McManus

McManus was great at defending and pressing the ball, his clearance from the line was fantastic.

West Park United Sky Magic Moment:

The fifth and final goal from Bruk Fesehatsion was outstanding, the finish was so impressive.

Bridgend FC Magic Moment:

McManus’ clearance from the line was just pure brilliance to keep his team in it, an excellent display of defending.

West Park United Sky U13s

1. Ethan Hamill

2. Aaron Musleh

3. John McLaughlin

4. Aaron Gibbons

5. Cameron McKelvie

7. Harris O’Brien

9. Callum McNeil

11. Jaden McConnell

14. Aliyam Abera

15. Steven Peebles

18. Kyle Connor

19. Bruk Fesehatsion

20. Alfred Amankwah

51. Yiton Chen

Bridgend FC U13s

1. Jordan Lawrie

2. Ethan Swan

4. Niall Christie

5. Sam Fowler

6. Arran Fleming

7. Kyle Sloan

9. Ryan McLauchlan

12. Archie McManus

14. Ciar McCloskey

16. Rory Clarke

17. Lewis Maxwell

18. Lucas Ryan

19. Adam Christie

21. Joshua Kelly



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