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Scotland produces some of the best football talent. It’s thus unsurprising that most players get scooped up by the top football leagues from a young age, with most going pro in their teens. Each time a Scottish star gets promoted, the odds in reputable sites like Bet365 SLO reflect this change, allowing punters to bet on the footballer’s future. In recent years, more players have had this light shine on them. In this guide, we show you the players you should consider following to get a front row to their upward career trajectory:

Who Are the Rising Stars?

Exemplary footballers often stand out from the crowd from a young age. Such is the case with the following youngsters who have been making waves in the football circles, with many predicting that they will shape the new age of football.

1.   Ben Doak

This 18-year-old player has had quite an illustrious career despite his young age. In his early teens, he was playing for Dalry Rovers. He soon made his way to Ayr United before being spotted by Celtic, which he joined at only 16 years. Soon after this, he made his debut in the club as a substitute in a game where Celtic won 1-0 against Dundee United. The right winger’s success did not go unnoticed, and in 2022, he signed with Liverpool, where he currently plays. He ranks as the youngest Scottish player to appear in the Premier League and is on his way to making history given his stats.

2.   Alexander Lowry

At only 20 years, Alex has achieved what many of his counterparts could only dream of having. The young midfielder joined the Rangers youth system at only 10. His early years were so impressive that he soon started playing in the major games. His 2022 debut as a Rangers substitute in a game against Stirling Albion was especially eye-opening as he scored the opening goal in the 31st minute. That was enough to prove he had what it took to be part of the team. It was thus not surprising when the team offered him a contract that will run until 2025. Besides his career with the Rangers, he has played in Scotland U16, Scotland U19, and Scotland U21 tournaments.

3.   Kerr David Smith

Most pro footballers start their careers early, which is the case for Smith. He was barely seven years old when he joined the Brechin City Boys. So good was he that he joined the Dundee United academy at seven years old, where he trained with many other aspiring footballers. As a naturally gifted footballer, Smith was already getting interest from EPL teams by age 15. Despite offers from English clubs, he decided to sign with Dundee United when he was 16. He later debuted as a senior for the team in a game against the Rangers before making his first starting appearance with the team against Kilmarnock. Soon after, he joined Aston Villa at 22 in a transfer rumoured to reach up to £2 million.

4.   Nathan Kenneth Patterson

This 22-year-old right-back footballer started his career with the Rangers, where he played from 2009 to 2020. His successful appearances in club matches saw him sign a contract with the senior team in 2019 that would keep him with the club until 2022. During this time, he made Scottish Cup, Scottish League, and European debuts that saw him rise in the rankings, especially after his UEFA Europa League goal. In January 2022, Patterson signed with Everton for an undisclosed transfer fee that would see him play with the club for five and a half years. While his start has been slow due to an injury, fans expect him to start making headlines soon.

Other Notable Footballers

Besides the household names above, the following footballers have also proven to be shining stars:

  • Calvin Ramsay,
  • Charlie McArthur,
  • Aaron Hickey,
  • Billy Gilmour, and
  • Connor Barron.

Like many other great footballers, they have spent most of their lives on training pitches where they have honed their skills to set them apart from the rest. Thus, their growth has proven that discipline and hard work are truly the keys to success.



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