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Glasgow Life appeals for community involvement in facilities

Glasgow Life have issued a call to action for communities to help take over their local facilities.

On the 26th of February, Glasgow Life released a video on their Facebook page asking for people to get involved in helping out their local facilities as a part of their “People Make Glasgow Communities” programme.

This plan helps empower communities by allowing them to make decisions about their local facilities and help keep the communal spirit alive as people love it when their community is striving.

The council-owned organisation will be looking for help from communities as the Coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of financial pressure on the organisation and they may not be able to open various facilities across the city without help from different districts across Glasgow chipping in.

A fair amount of facilities are set to be opening but other facilities are going to be closed down for the foreseeable future.

Bridget McConnell, Glasgow Life’s Chief Executive, said that other than the 61 facilities that are set to be open, the rest will be shut down for now.

Diarmaid Lawlor, the director of Place Scottish Futures First, had this to say about Glasgow and a communal spirit: “I think community is about people working together and I think that’s a key part of Glasgow’s heritage and across the city communities have worked really hard organising for better housing, better health and better places and as they’ve done that they’ve created new social innovations, new social activism and new social enterprises so the communities of this city are capable, creative and caring.”

As a part of this, a group driven by the Easterhouse Football Academy have acquired the Stepford Football Centre, which boasts pitches available for the use of 11-a-side and 7-a-side on two grass pitches. The Easterhouse FA have used these pitches for the coaching of their kids aged 6-13.

The Easterhouse FA organises “fun days” for the kids’ teams, putting on games and fun activities for them to do, this helps the kids get out the house and socialise in these COVID stricken times which is crucial for these children.



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