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Hibernian CFC secure the Ken Ritchie Trophy

On a sunny day at Kings Park, Dalkeith, Gala Fairydean Rovers, and Hibernian CFC U13s travelled to face each other in the Ken Ritchie Cup Final. 

These teams had previously clashed in their Division 2 League and were ready to leave it all on the pitch in this high-stakes cup final. 

The match kicked off with a burst of energy from both teams, each eager to gain control of the ball. 

Hibernian managed to secure a free kick in the game’s first minute, but Gala Fairydean Rovers swiftly turned the tables with a brilliant passing play between Reece Kerr and Cole Davidson. They, too, secured a free kick, and as Bruce Denham prepared to take the kick, it hit Hibernian’s wall just outside the box. 

Hibernian felt the pressure with Davidson being able to take a shot target, but a great save was made, and the ball was punched into the air. 

Gala Fairydean Rovers got closer to securing the game’s first goal, holding a high line, and causing Hibernian’s forwards to go offside. 

Then, at the 19-minute mark, Davidson made a great run down the left-hand side of the pitch and took a powerful shot, which landed the ball in the back of the right-hand side of the net.

After the goal, the referee blew his whistle at the 20-minute mark for a water break as the temperature soared over 20 degrees. This gave the coaches time to speak wisely to their players. 

This gave Hibernian the push to gain possession of the ball, leading to them having a corner, where John Williams took a shot, but the ball rolled out. 

Hibernian secured a free kick on the left-hand side outside the box, with Hayden Brydon stepping up to take the kick. He struck the ball, and it landed over the head of the goalkeeper into the back of the net, securing Hibernian’s first goal of the game in the 27th minute. 

Hibernian were taking possession of the ball, but Gala Fairydean Rovers were defending well. Tyler Cuthbert stopped the ball from Hibernian on the counterattack. 

But Hibernian kept coming towards the Gala goal. They secured a corner with Brydon, who kicked the ball straight into the back of the net. It was a great shot and goal from Brydon, who took Hibernian into the lead. 

As Hibernian’s Owen Alexander took a shot after running over the halfway line, he struck the ball, which travelled all the way, hitting off the crossbar and bouncing over the goal line—an incredible strike from Alexander, securing a good lead for Hibernian before half-time. 

The referee blew the whistle for halftime at 37 minutes, and the teams entered the changing rooms. 

The teams made their way back out onto the pitch to start the second half. 

Gala Fairydean Rovers got the ball, and Davidson’s powerful strike landed into the back of the net, giving Gala two goals and giving them a chance to equalise. 

After the goal, Hibernian had a shot on target, but Gala Fairydean, the goalkeeper, made a great save, pushing the ball over the net. This gave Hibernian a corner that struck over the bar. 

Another water break was called in the 55th minute to combat the 20-degree heat. 

After the players headed back onto the pitch after a small team talk from their coaches, Hibernian secured a free kick over the halfway line. It was deflected off a Gala player, which gave Hibernian another corner. 

Nothing came from the corner for the players. Gala Fairydean Rovers got a free kick with five minutes left to play, but Hibernian did enough to keep the ball out of the net. 

In the last few minutes, the game became end-to-end.

Hibernian had a corner, and the players kept the ball in the corner, stopping Gala from touching it. 

Then the referee blew the whistle, and Hibernian players celebrated with the substitutions and coaches on the sideline.

Gala Fairydean Rovers Player of the Match: Cole Davidson

Davidson was on great form for Gala Fairydean Rovers, scoring twice.

Hibernian CFC Player of the Match: Hayden Brydon

Brydon was on amazing form for Hibernian CFC scoring two goals for his team.

Gala Fairydean Rovers Magic Moment:

Jamie Penny made a fantastic save, pushing the ball over the net, giving his team a chance to equalise against Hibernian.

Hibernian CFC Magic Moment:

Hibernian’s third goal from Owen Alexander, which was a powerful strike taken from just after the halfway line.

Gala Fairydean Rovers U13s

1. Jamie Penny

2. Tyler Cuthbert

3. Blake Mitchinson

4. Bruce Denham

5. Adam Duncan

6. Finlay Raffier

7. Reece Kerr

8. Robbie Drysdale

9. Cole Davidson

10. Kade Wilson

11. Logan Douglas

12. Ethan Miller

14. Ryan Niven

15. Jamie Russell

16. Sam Sharp-Dent

Hibernian CFC U13s

1. Riley Simpson

2. Hayden Brydon

3. John Hutchison

4. Lewis Brown

5. Jay Davie

6. Ben Cornwall

7. Finn Power

8. John Williams

9. Owen Alexander

10. Emerson Fettes

11. Alex Swenson

12. Quinn Roberts

14. Cameron Scobie

15. Jacob Rutherford

16. Leo Gunderson

18. Leo Windram

19. Scott Cranston



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