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How football legends help casinos expand their audience

In the world of marketing, the use of famous personalities is a long-standing and proven method. Companies in various fields of business often resort to the help of celebrities to increase their visibility and attract new customers. prive casino, especially in the face of stiff competition and growing entertainment demands, actively use this method. One of the most effective tools for expanding the audience of the casino has been cooperation with legendary football players. Their popularity and authority allows casinos to attract not only gambling fans, but also football fans, which significantly expands the customer base.

Examples of legendary footballers cooperating with casinos

Casino cooperation with legendary footballers has become a real trend in recent years. Let’s take a look at a few vivid examples:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo and PokerStars. Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most famous and successful footballers in the world, became the face of PokerStars in 2015. His participation in online poker adverts and tournaments has attracted many new players, thanks to Ronaldo’s huge fan base.
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Bethard. Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has partnered with Bethard, a Scandinavian online betting operator. In 2018, he became the brand’s ambassador in 2018, allowing the company to strengthen its position in the Nordic market. His charisma and unique style of play made Ibrahimovic the perfect ambassador for the gambling industry.
  • Neymar and PokerStars. Brazilian football genius Neymar has also become an ambassador for PokerStars. His participation in poker tournaments and active promotion of the brand on social media has significantly increased interest in online poker, especially among young football fans.
  • Diego Maradona and Casino Gran Madrid. Legendary Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has collaborated with Casino Gran Madrid in his time. His involvement in advertising campaigns attracted not only Spanish players but also an international audience, due to Maradona’s widespread fame in the world of sport.

The impact of their credibility in new markets

The influence of legendary footballers in expanding the casino audience cannot be overstated. Their credibility and popularity play a key role in attracting new customers and reaching new markets. Let’s take a look at how this happens:

Increased brand credibility

Famous footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have a huge following around the world. Their involvement in casino advertising campaigns helps to boost brand trust. Fans who see their idol partnering with a certain casino are more likely to decide to try that company’s services. This is especially important in new markets where the brand may not yet be well known.

Expanding demographic boundaries

Legendary footballers appeal to a wide audience, including people who may not have previously been interested in gambling. For example, young football fans inspired by their idols may be interested in poker or sports betting. This broadens the demographic reach of the casino, attracting new customers from different age groups and social backgrounds.

International expansion

Partnerships with international football stars help casinos to reach new overseas markets. For example, the partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic has allowed Bethard to strengthen its position in Northern Europe, while Diego Maradona’s involvement in Casino Gran Madrid’s advertising campaigns has attracted an international audience. This approach is helping to increase the casino’s global presence and attract customers from different countries.

Increased activity on digital platforms

Footballers are actively using social media to engage with fans. Publications and posts related to their collaboration with the casino instantly reach millions of people. This creates a viral effect, increasing the reach of advertising campaigns and attracting new users to the casino’s online platforms.

Strengthening the brand through associations

Association with the name and reputation of a famous footballer significantly strengthens the casino’s positioning in the market. The brand gains additional advantages in the eyes of potential customers who see it as a reliable and prestigious partner. This helps the casino to stand out among competitors and attract loyal customers.


Casino partnerships with legendary footballers are an effective strategy to expand the audience and strengthen the brand. Examples such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s partnerships with PokerStars, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s with Bethard, Neymar’s with PokerStars and Diego Maradona’s with Casino Gran Madrid demonstrate how powerful the influence of famous athletes can be on the gambling industry.

Footballers are helping casinos gain the trust of new customers, expand demographic boundaries, reach international markets and strengthen their presence in the digital space. Their popularity and credibility attracts the attention of millions of people, many of whom may not have previously been interested in gambling.



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