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Linlithgow kits bring joy to African kids

When BFC Linlithgow turned into Linlithgow Rose CFC in 2011, a large quantity of football strips and training kit with the old team name and badge were no longer required. The club contacted YFS, who put them in touch with youth player Isaac Ansell-Forsyth, who was about to embark on a spell volunteering in South Africa with the Jabulani Project (click here).
The 18 year old from Edinburgh recently presented the kit to aspirational young players from Operation BobbiBear. Ansell-Forsyth said: BobbiBear is a small charity near Durban, SA, and exists to rescue and uphold the rights of sexually abused children, minimise their chance of HIV infection (50% of adults in the area are HIV positive) and help them towards wholeness. We visited the project and, in practice, these guys save the lives of so many children.”
He continued: “When we gave the kits, Jackie (one of the project leaders) had tears in her eyes. The kids were so happy, they’ve needed even the most basic of kits for a long time now and they’ve now been given the luxury they deserve. They can’t thank Linlithgow Rose enough.”
Click here for more information about Operation BobbiBear. If you have old kit and equipment that you would like to donate, please contact YFS by clicking here.



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