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New sponsors bolster Scottish football league

Junior football has accepted new sponsorship from three leading businesses. This much-needed support comes for the junior leagues after a rough pandemic period.

The South Region Challenge Cup has gained support from Scottish businesses who’ve decided to do their bit for grassroots junior football. And with the current economic climate making matters more difficult, this newfound sponsorship will help a range of junior teams and the causes they support.

Trade Radiators was the first Scottish business to come through and confirm support for the Cup. Nic Auckland, managing director of the Glasgow-based radiator giant, had this to say: “We are delighted to sponsor the Cup and show our commitment to local football.

“Sport brings people from different backgrounds and with different abilities together and is an important part of our national heritage.”

The Cup Competition Secretary, Richard Osborne, said: “Grassroots football is a great way to showcase local talent and bring communities together. The league would like to thank the three major sponsors whose generous donations will help ensure that the community teams we love continue to thrive.

“The pandemic had a huge impact on sport, and junior football leagues suffered too. This sponsorship couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Sponsorship funding helps buy football shirts, maintain stadiums, secure our administrative duties, and try to offer adequate transport for those who need it.”

This new financial support will provide a brilliant boost to grassroots Scottish football, and now that fans can show up in person, there is a palpable buzz around the new season. This buzz is palpable to the players, with the competitors training hard to clinch the win for the first post-lockdown season.

While sponsorship is a crucial aspect of all football at all levels, sponsorship is even more important for junior level players contesting at Tiers 5, 6, and 7. The lack of media coverage of junior football from broadcasters is partly responsible for consistent funding. That’s why landing these new sponsors is hugely important for the continual development of the South Region Challenge Cup.

The Cup in its 15th year, footie fans nationwide are braced and ready for a spectacular continued season. With an additional 20 teams competing in the Cup for the 2021/22 season, that’s going to be 162 teams battling for victory. Saying it will be action-packed is an understatement!

It would seem that the latest developments for the league have attracted additional sponsors as a leading digital marketing agency has decided to pledge its support alongside Trade Radiators.

This second sponsor is no less than Boyd Digital, a Glasgow-founded digital marketing agency headed by Grant Ruxton and Colin Boyd. They’re both huge football fans, and Mr Ruxton, Managing Director, commented:

“I don’t believe that my responsibilities as a businessman stop at my company’s door. Businesses can and should have some form of relationship with the communities in which they work.

At Boyd Digital, we’re glad the funding we’re providing will bolster Scottish football in its rawest form.

“The lower leagues can sometimes be overlooked, but anyone who goes to the games and appreciates football is never disappointed at a junior league game.”

Following suit after Trade Radiators and Boyd Digital, the Cup has found an additional supporter from Club Snoods. The Ardrossan-based retailer is known for its custom, premium-grade Snoods and other accessories, particularly Snoods with football club emblems.

With the current season and recent matches heating up, it is no wonder these new sponsors have been secured.

Just at the start of the month, Bonnyrigg Rose came out victorious against Cumbernauld Colts at New Dundas Park – the match having been postponed from February to March. They rolled the Colts with a scoreline of five goals to nil.

The Colts started with a good run, but Bonnyrigg Rose quickly shut this down. After the fourth goal, Rose fans were ecstatic, but the fifth? The fifth made the stands shake.

After the match, it was clear that fans of Junior football were thrilled with the newfound sponsorship.

We caught up with David Stewart, a Bonnyrigg supporter, “That was fantastic football in action. I was absolutely delighted. People don’t realise what they are missing by not coming to a game of their local team.

“There was no sign of the Cumbernauld Colts defence, and I’m not sure they even turned up for the game.

“The lower leagues allow us to experience fantastic football up close. Without sponsorship, we wouldn’t be able to do as many activities as we would like to do.”

All this comes after favourites and defending champions Dunipace were knocked out in round two of the 2021/22 season.

Look forward to the upcoming matches:

Vale of Leven VS Spartans F.C. (12th March, 14:00)

Jeanfield Swifts VS Darvel (12th March 14:30)

Linlithgow Rose VS Sauchie Juniors (22nd March, 19:45)

Bo’ness United VS Petershill (23rd March, 19:45)

Fans can’t wait to support their teams and won’t miss these exciting line-ups.



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