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YFS Photography Info Page

On 24/25/31 July, YFS is delighted to be attending the Paisley, Johnstone & District YFL Divisional Cup finals. Everyone is excited that football is back and we hope to capture some of that spirit, by bringing you action photo galleries from the matches throughout the day.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to create a set of Covid-19 guidelines to keep everyone safe, when our media team members are in attendance. You can view them in full upon request.

You now have three options:

A: I am happy for YFS to cover my team’s match.
Superb! Please share the below link with all of your coaches, parents and supporters, to give them the chance to access the photos as soon as they are available.


B: We do not want photos taken from our match.
Click here to let us know.

C: I have a question or special request.
Click here to contact the YFS team.