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YFS Media Info Page

YFS is delighted to be attending the Rangers FC Summer Festival 2004. If you would like to know more about why YFS covers games, please click here to read our explainer.

We will be taking action photos of the games, which will later be available on the website and across YFS’s social media channels. We won’t be able to cover every game but will aim to return at a later date to capture the teams who weren’t covered.

You now have three options:

A: I am happy for YFS to cover my team’s matches.
Superb! Please share the below link with all of your coaches, parents and supporters, to give them the chance to access the coverage as soon as they are available.


B: We do not want photo/video taken from our team’s matches.
Click here to let us know.

C: I have a question or special request.
Click here to contact the YFS team.