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Ross County Under-14’s Girls lift SWF North League Cup after final against Nairn St Ninian

This match has always shown the signs of being a display of highland talent after both sides clocked up comfortable wins on their route to this cup final held at Station Park in Nairn, normally the home of Highland League Side Nairn County.

The packed main stand saw the strengths of both teams within the first five minutes. Ross County led a strong attack toward the goal line; however, the Nairn defence was able to hold off a number of challenges with goalkeeper, Tori Nicol clearing shots over the bar in an amazing display of height and force.

It didn’t take long before the first official goal was recorded for the game, courtesy of Rhian Foreman of Ross County who finally managed to get through the strong Nairn defence.

It didn’t take long for Ross County to add to their lead after the restart, and from there the goals kept coming including a second for Foreman with a well timed shot. The other goals came from Tieve Morisson, Beth Macdonald and from Yvie Chisholm’s well placed free kick.

Nairn St Ninian didn’t make it easy for Ross County though, they had a number of close chances and definitely proved to be a strong opponent, and it is worth noting that this Nairn squad only really started playing matches together in February this year!
After a tense game, Ross County lifted the cup, as the 2022 SWF North League Cup Champions.

Ross County Magic Moment
⦁ The free kick by the captain, Yvie Chisholm, which curled past everyone and landed in the back of the net just created a new energy on the pitch. It was a kick taken with precision and confidence.

Nairn St Ninian Magic Moment
⦁ The defence in the first few minutes of play by Nairn St Ninian was an early display of skill, communication and top class team work, which led to a few missed changes by Ross County.

Ross County Star Player
⦁ Yvie Chisholm was a key part in creating moments for Ross County throughout the game before she got herself on the score sheet.

Nairn St Ninian Star Player
⦁ Tori Nicol, the Nairn goal keeper created some very skilful blocks and forced the ball out for quite a few corners as well as being able to get her foot on the ball before it crossed the line with about an inch to spare.



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