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Scotland U17s and U19s discover Euro 2025 qualifying opposition

Friday’s draws at UEFA HQ in Nyon provided the first step in Scotland Men’s U19s and U17s UEFA Euro 2025 qualifying journey.

Scotland Mens U17 drawn in Group 8 in the 2024/25 EURO qualifying round draw

Scotland Mens U17 were drawn in Group 8 alongside Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Lithuania, where they will begin their journey to hopefully reach Albania in 2025.

Albania will host the new eight-team championship competition in 2025 under the

competition’s new format. There are two phases to the qualifying process, which are currently called round 1 (autumn) and round 2 (spring). Mini tournaments limited to one venue are used for both rounds.

Round 1 is played by all entered teams, including the final tournament hosts, who under the new system will still be guaranteed a spot in the finals even if they do not currently participate in qualifying. 14 groups of four or three teams will be formed from the entries, depending on how many associations participate.

After the first round, twenty-eight teams advance to the second round of League A, while the remaining teams play in League B.

In Phase Two, the 28 teams in League A will be divided into seven groups of four. The seven group winners will be able to compete in the final tournament alongside the hosts. The top two finishers will also advance if the hosts are one of the seven group winners.

For the first round of U19 EURO qualifying for the same age cohort, the seven teams who placed fourth in the League A groups will be demoted to League B. This means that teams demoted from League A in 2024/25 U17 EURO round 2 will start 2026/27 U19 EURO round 1 in League B.

Depending on the number of competitors, the teams in League B will be divided into seven groups of four or three players. For the first round of U19 EURO qualification for the same age cohort, the seven League B champions will advance to League A. This means that clubs promoted from League B in 2024/25 U17 EURO round 2 will start 2026/27 U19 EURO round 1 in League A.

The second round’s draw will take place in December of the year that follows the first round, for example, in December 2024 for the 2024/2025 season.

Eight teams will compete in the final tournament starting in 2025. They will first be divided into two groups of four, with the top two teams in each group moving on to the semi-finals. The FIFA U17 World Cup will now take place annually in 2025, involving 48 teams. The 2024/25 U17 EURO will serve as Europe’s qualification event. The first five annual U17 World Cups will take place in Qatar between 2025 and 2029, it has been revealed.

Scotland Mens Under-19 drawn in Group 5 in the 2024/25 EURO qualifying round draw

Friday’s draw presents an exciting opportunity for the Scotland Men’s U19 Team to begin the road to Romania in 2025, showcasing their abilities, and competing against some of the best young talent in Europe. A total of 27 teams will advance from the qualifying round to the spring 2025 elite round, which will decide Romania’s seven final tournament opponents.

The 2024/25 Euro Qualifying Round Draw has seen Scotland’s men’s U19 team placed in Group 5 alongside France, Wales and Liechtenstein, setting the stage for an exciting and challenging competition. With the draw determining the path to the finals, teams will be vying for a spot in the prestigious tournament. The qualifying round draw showcases the talent and determination of young players as they strive to represent their country on the international stage.

Billy Stark’s U19 team had shown promising performances in previous Euro qualifying rounds, with wins against Serbia, and Andorra alongside a draw against Bulgaria in November, displaying their talent and determination on the field and topping their group. The squad made it to the UEFA European Championships Elite Round, however the young Scots’ week in Italy was disappointing, and they failed to earn a spot in this summer’s finals. With a history of competitive matches and strong teamwork, the team has consistently strived to showcase their skills and represent their country with pride, earning respect from fans and opponents alike.

The matches will be played as a one-venue mini-tournament during the windows of 2nd-10th September, 7th-15th October or 11th-19th November, and the hosts will be confirmed in due course.



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