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Seven-goal thriller as North Ayrshire Colts 2008s took on Bonnyton Thistle FC

It was the visitors who came out on top as the rain lashed down on both teams at Kilwinning Academy in this West of Scotland Youth Football League fixture.

Photo: Laura Nicolson

With both teams settling into the game well, the first chance came in the second minute from NA Colts’ Archie McElhone who made an excellent run down the wing to win his team a corner but it came to nothing.

Less than a minute later, Bonnyton Thistle’s Morgan McColm and Laughlan Spence raced down the other side of the pitch, linking up down the left with a well-worked passing pattern. It wasn’t to be this time, but there was more to come from the pair.

The first goal came in the seventh minute when Bonnyton Thistle goalkeeper Lucca Martinelli-Laughland saw the perfect pass into the path of teammate Robert Crainie, who slotted his shot past the Colts’ goalkeeper with composure.

It wasn’t long however until NA Colts’ equalised. Shane Gibson fired a header past the Bonnyton goalkeeper to make it 1-1 in the nineteenth minute.

NA Colts’ goalkeeper Robert McCrum made a good save, as an unmarked Thistle defender floated in from the edge of the box, stopping the visitors from taking the lead before half-time.

As the second half got underway it was all to play for. It was only two minutes into the half that NA Colts’ Alexander Meredith put the home side in front as he finished past the keeper, keeping calm under pressure after a slip from the Bonnyton defender in the 42nd minute.

Bonnyton dug deep and a well-played volley over the top of Callum Ian McAvoy put him in a 1 v 1 situation with the Colts’ goalkeeper. He produced a smooth header to control the ball and a well-placed strike into the bottom corner to put the two teams even again.

Photo: Laura Nicolson

The pouring rain and wind didn’t stop the two teams from passing the ball, creating space and opportunities galore. Morgan McColm’s quick thinking and great footwork helped his team to the third, with Kerr Philipson getting on the end of the 47th-minute goal and putting Bonnyton back in the lead.

It was only a few minutes later that an opportunity fell to Philipson’s teammate on the edge of the box. His sizzling strike hit the top of the crossbar, bouncing down and back into play. Calls for a goal were quickly silenced by the referee.

Approaching the hour mark, the referee produced his first and only yellow card of the match to Colts’ Shane Gibson for a late sliding tackle on the Bonnyton goalkeeper.

The moment of the game came next. With ten minutes left to play, NA Colt’s Cooper McRae stepped up to take a free kick from thirty yards out. A short run-up and perfect strike sent the ball curving at the perfect angle to find the top right-hand corner, putting the two teams level again.

Photo: Laura Nicolson

Both teams made three substitutions each, bringing on some fresh legs for the final few minutes of the game.

The final goal of the match came from Bonnyton’s swift number nine again, Calum Ian McAvoy who carefully passed the ball into the bottom corner to take the win in the final two minutes of the match.

2008 Bonnyton Thistle Player of the Match: Calum Ian McAvoy did not stop the whole game. The two goals he scored only show a small part of his talent; he was always in space, being an option and communicating with his teammates.

2008 North Ayrshire Colts Players of the Match: Cole Abercrombie and Alexander Meredith were a constant threat on the pitch today. Both were strong and confident players who never stopped the entire game.

Bonnyton Thistle Magic Moment:

During the second half when the ball hit the crossbar at speed, the spectators were in awe of the strike from the edge of the box. An excellent, and unlucky opportunity.

North Ayrshire Colts Magic Moment:

Cooper McRae’s sublime strike from at least thirty yards was one of the highlights of the game. His teammate’s reactions were brilliant, filling the young player with pride.

It was the visitors who came out on top as the rain lashed down on both teams at Kilwinning Academy in this West of Scotland Youth Football League fixture.

North Ayrshire Colts 2008s

Robert McCrum

Luke Stevenson

Kieran McDonald

Archie McElhone

Tyler Sim

Corey Poulton

Cooper McRae

Stewart Johnstone

Cole Abercrombie

Alexander Meredith

Josh MacLeod

Evan O’Neill

CJ Bradford

Joshua Darroch

Shane Gibson

Jack Sim

Bonnyton Thistle 2008s

Lucca Martinelli-Laughland

Alex Chudleigh

Robert Crainie

Ryan Gallagher

Callum Ian McAvoy

Morgan McColm

Jamie Brown

Aiden Neish

Lauchlan Spence

Ryan Johnston

Keir Wyllie

Kerr Philipson

Ewan Dickson

Jack Sanderson



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