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Show Racism the Red Card – Clubs across Scotland show support for anti-racism campaign

Last weekend all 42 professional football clubs in Scotland united to show support for the campaigning group, Show Racism the Red Card. The movement doesn’t just include the 42 SPFL clubs. The leading anti-racism Education Charity also visits youth football teams across Scotland to educate about the harm racism can do.

SRtRC aims to tackle racism at the grassroots level. The campaigning group have been partners with the SPFL since 2003 to focus on withdrawing racism within the Scottish game. A key focus that SRtRC buys into is the consequences that racism can have on individual footballers. One project SRtRC has recently carried out is ‘Captains’. The project gives over 40 young people the platform to speak out about their own experiences, not just in school, but also when playing football.

The organisation works within schools, workplaces, sports, and community organisations to educate children, young people, and adults on challenging prejudice and stereotypes. Football is used as a powerful tool to initiate conversations about anti-racism. They ran educational programmes with over 10,000 participants in Scotland over the past year.

A recent SRtRC survey revealed that 46% of staff are aware of racist bullying or discrimination in Scottish schools. Furthermore, 66.4% are aware of pupils expressing misconceptions, stereotypes, or negative attitudes that are racist. Spokesperson, Chris Priestly from Show Racism the Red Card recently said: “We are delighted with the support for anti-racism that exists within Scottish football and are very proud of our upcoming match actions. However, the work must continue.

“We call on our supporters to continue to challenge racism. It is a shared responsibility across the game, from dressing rooms to boardrooms, and from stadiums to social media, to ensure that an anti-racism ethos is maintained throughout the year.

Ahead of kick-off last weekend, football teams across the country displayed a red banner which read, “Show Racism the Red Card”. The banner appeared on all the team’s shirts in the SPFL to show solidary and commitment to the cause, hoping to kick out racism within Scottish football.

Photo: @ScottishYouthFA twitter

The Scottish Youth FA held a recent session to kick start their anti-racism education program. The session, held at Hampden, informed the attendees about the campaign they are holding to educate young, aspiring footballers about the harmful effects of racism.

SPFL Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster spoke about the SRtRC movement. “Our Member Clubs have supported Show Racism the Red Card since season 2003/04 and, once again, this united action in support of the campaign sends out the positive message that football is a game to be enjoyed by all.”

Clubs across Scottish football raised awareness on social media to stress the importance that racism has no place in football. Whether that’s in Scottish football or not. We must do everything in our power to stop racism within the beautiful game.

Here, at YFS we stand with Show Racism the Red Card.



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