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Sports Tips For Beginners and Expert Punters

Whether your a novice punter that has a bet for fun or an experienced professional sports betting tipster. Their are several ways in which anyone can easily improve their odds of placing a winning wager. In sports surprises are always on the cards when it comes to winning teams. Knowing the player stats and injury list is crucial in understand if an upset is on the cards. Look at for some excellent tips and all the latest Australian sporting news.


In the game of sports betting it is important to follow teams which have momentum. You need to be watching teams that are doing really well in their defence that then allows the offence room to attack. Backing good defensive teams is always and advantage.

Money line

The money line is the basic betting option that lets you choose which team will win a game. The line is displayed with a plus sign (+) in front of the underdog and a minus sign (-) in front of the favorite.

When it comes to sports betting, the money line is a fundamental bet that can make or break your bankroll. It’s important to know the odds and understand how they change as games progress, news and other factors come into play.

Money lines are also impacted by specific player matchups in each sport. For example, how a team performs against a particular defensive matchup or whether a specific NFL team struggles to stop pass-catching running backs will impact the odds.


Parlays are a risky Bet and are usually for professional and experience punters. If you enjoy having a punt and are placing small bets it can be a lot of fun

You have to win all of the legs of your parlay in order to make a profit. And that means you’re taking a bigger chance than if you had placed individual bets on each game.

If you feel like your bets aren’t going to pay out, you can cash them out. That lets you get a partial refund on an otherwise losing bet, or it can give you some protection against a leg that won’t land.

Over/Under bets

Over/Under bets are a common type of wager and are found in most sports. This type of bet involves predicting the total number of points scored by both teams in a game.

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when analyzing over/under betting lines. These include the team’s overall offensive and defensive skills, as well as weather conditions.

The oddsmakers will set an opening line based on these and other variables, but they may adjust the odds throughout the game to balance out the action. This is done to ensure a fair and equal playing field, so that both sides have the same chance of winning.

Betting on the spread

Betting on the spread is a common way for sports bettors to make a wager. It’s also an excellent way to get a feel for how two teams might perform in a particular matchup.

The spread can shift up or down as the game goes on, based on betting action. It’s important to watch this closely so you can make the best bet possible on a team that is likely to win.

The spread can also be adjusted for home field advantage in some sports, including football and basketball. This can help to level the playing field between two teams.



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