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The Four Best Young Scottish Players In FIFA 2022

The Scots football games are becoming even more intense as the years go by. Scotland will be looking forward to their World Cup qualifier game against Ukraine in March. The fact that players like Kieran Tierney, John McGinn and Andy Robertson will all be highlighting the squad of the Scots while playing at the top of their game is something to look forward to.

However, in this article curated, we will be looking at some of the top young Scottish players on FIFA 22 who might take similar paths to Robertson, McGinn and other Scottish top players.

Nathan Patterson (Rangers, RB/RWB, 20)

Nathan Patterson is one of the attacking Scottish players currently making his mark in the world of football. Playing as an attacking fullback, Patterson is known for his prowess at the forward play. While he hasn’t been able to make many much appearances for the Rangers this season as they currently place their full trust in James Tavernier for right-back duties. 

However, Patterson gets his minutes at the international level as he was able to find the back of the net against Moldova. In FIFA 22, Patterson defensive stats are mostly in the 60s, while his attacking abilities are considerably high with spring speed being 82, agility at 72 and stamina at 73. It’s only a matter of time before the player hits 80.

Elliot Anderson (Newcastle United, CAM, 19)

Elliot Anderson is an exciting young player. While he still has a long way to go before he could break into Newcastle United’s first team, he is only 19 years of age with plenty of time to improve his game.

His agility and balance are rated at 74 and 73, and considering he is an attacking midfielder, these stats aren’t all that bad for a number 10 role. Although he still has a long way to go, he should have no problem getting his stats to an 80 overall in the nearest future.

Aaron Hickey (Bologna, LB/LM, 19)

At the age of 19, Aaron Hickey is a first-team player for Serie A club, Bologna, and he is already making waves in the football world. Hickey is taking the same path Jude Bellingham and Jadon Sancho took to improve their talents abroad.

Just like Elliot Anderson, Hickey is another full-back with the mindset of an attacker and he can be deployed in the midfield as well. Hickey has a sprint speed of 72 with tackling stats of 73 (standing) and 72 (sliding). His stamina rated 75. Hickey has been making waves in Serie A as his performances so far this season has attracted the eyes of many top clubs in Europe. He is expected to move past the overall rating of 80 in due time, and you can predict this with online slots usa and other platforms.

Billy Gilmour (Norwich City (loan), CM, 20)

Billy Gilmour broke through to the Chelsea team as a teenager, and that is not an easy feat to achieve in the Premier League. Playing as a central midfielder, Gilmour has a balance of 77, an agility of 76, ashort pass of 77 and a long pass of 75. 

Gilmour possesses everything that is required to be a central midfielder. He also has a standing tackling of 73 as well as interceptions of 70, which means you can always see him break up an attacking play being carried out by the opponent players. This young Scottish has been predicted to surpass the overall rating of 84, which will push him past some top players in the Premier League.



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