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Unstoppable North Merchiston claim South East Region glory

An unbeaten league run for North Merchiston FC 2010s; they are unstoppable!

The South East Region Youth Football Association (SERYFA) Division 2 at U14s is far from a stroll in the park, with 16 clubs competing! However, coaches Jamie Carrick and Alex Padilla’s team were determined to give it their all, and they did not disappoint.

Going undefeated at home in the league, winning 14 of 15 games and drawing the other is an incredible accomplishment for this group of young players. However, despite a spectacular season of goals and the creation of so many on-field partnerships, it was not without obstacles.

The boys had to play catch-up in the league, behind everyone by seven games and playing on Tuesdays and Sundays since Easter owing to a run of cup games, which also was no easy feat!

The team made it to the semi-finals of the League Cup before being knocked out by Dalkeith. Following that, they advanced to the South East Regional Cup’s round of 16, where they were knocked out by Musselburgh.

With pitches being cancelled due to the weather, the coaches and players had no choice but to graft away until the time came to play their matches- if this doesn’t demonstrate guts and drive, I’m not sure what would!

From the first whistle of the first game, the boys were determined to make this season theirs, and it became even more tangible when they defeated championship challengers Edinburgh South 5-3 at home, coming from behind three times!

Top goal scorer Maciek had a spectacular season, finishing the season with 50+ goals. Robbo and Xavier, two of the team’s younger players, also routinely delivered dominant midfield displays.

The stats reflect the effort and determination of the whole squad; earning the most clean sheets in the league and scoring the most goals in the league too with an astonishing 144. The coaches focus on developing their players by having a different goalkeeper playing each half, which shows the positive relationships and partnerships of the players on the pitch.

The next step for this talented group is SERYFA Division 1. Coach Carrick explained: “I think myself and the boys are most looking forward to playing the best teams in the region next season, and seeing how we compare to them.” He went on to say: “What a superb season we have had! To win the league with a game spare as well. The boys have been consistent throughout by playing some very good football.”

A fantastic season for all involved and a special mention to the players who made it happen:

Innes Baird

Aaron Cairncross

Ellie Deon

Larry Hayward

Adam Head

Duncan Henderson

Daniel McMahon

Lenny Mitchell

Dan Nicholson

Xavier Padilla

Jan Pyzik

Robert Finlayson

Maciej Rompca

Saif Shaikh

Noah Stewart-Brown

Krystian Switek 

Alex Wood

A huge thank you and congratulations to the coaches, Jamie Carrick and Alex Padilla who gave up their time this season for their team. It doesn’t go unnoticed.



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