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What are the Most Common Ways of Betting on Football?

Football is, by far, the most popular sport in the world today. With four billion fans the world over, Football far exceeds the popularity of sports like cricket, hockey, and tennis. The game has its roots in games played since Ancient times, which involved kicking a ball to a designated spot. The game as we know it today though, was invented in Cambridge, England, in the 1800s. Since then it has become Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia’s favorite pastime.

Football’s popularity spread throughout Europe thanks to English merchants, who would spread the sport along their trading routes. It spread to other continents during the colonial age, when British lords, soldiers, traders, etc. found themselves in India, Africa, and North America, and thought the sport to the locals. Football is now massively popular across all continents, and is the most popular sport in the world, with barely any competition.

Football’s towering popularity has attracted numerous bettors to the sport. Football is not just the most popular sport to be watched or played, it is also the most popular sport to be bet on in the entire world. In England alone, the football world sees millions of pounds in revenue from the betting industry, and that amount is much higher if we take into account the rest of the world. Online betting has also seen an uptick in usage recently, with sites like seeing an increase in traffic. These sites report that bets placed on football games far exceed the number of bets placed on other sports, like tennis, or hockey.

The popularity of football betting has to do with, one, football’s popularity, and two, with the diversity of bets that can be placed on football matches.

Betting on the Fulltime Result

The most common, and simplest type of football betting is to bet on the result of the match. These kinds of bets are commonly called Win, Lose, Draw bets (WLD bets), as the bettor can pick to bet on whether the match will end in a Win or Lose for one team, or a Draw. Most commonly, in these types of bets, the two teams are numbered, with the home team being number 1, and the away team being number 2. The bettor picks 1 if they think the home team will win, and two if they think the away team will win. They could also choose 3 if they consider it will end in a draw.

Under/Over Betting

Another very popular type of betting, is Under/Over betting, which entails choosing a number, and then betting on whether the amount of goals scored in the game will exceed the number or not. As an example, let’s say a bettor picks the number 2.5, and bets that the number of goals will exceed the number. If the total goals scored in the game is 3 or more, the bettor has won, and if it is 2 or less, they’ve lost. The popularity of this kind of betting stems from the fact that it is easier to predict whether a game will be high-scoring, than it is to predict who the winner will be.



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