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Youth academy receives grant to help purchase new football equipment

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked so much havoc on societies around the globe since its outbreak in 2019. At all levels of the round leather game, football has greatly suffered, like every other sport such as Rugby and major Sporting events like the Olympics and EURO 2020. EFL clubs needed an emergency bailout fund to survive, and even the ‘al mighty’ Premier League has greatly suffered massive revenue losses, with top clubs in the English topflight declaring losses due to a drop in revenue, which was spotted by several best au online casino.

While stories like this make newspaper headlines, the terrible crisis within grassroots football across the United Kingdom and Scotland has gone unnoticed by the ‘lousy’ British press. In particular, the deadly COVID-19 has decimated Kid’s football.

Scottish youth football has had its share of the negative impact of the pandemic, with Academy’s struggling to stay in the business of nurturing young talents.

To this end, two sports clubs in the country have been awarded a grant by the Glasgow City Council’s area partnership to assist them to buy new equipment.

Easterhouse Football Academy will get £1400 to help buy 28 Scottish Football Association coaching badges, hand sanitizer, and face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The applications were tabled before the Baillieston area parentship committee recently.

A council officer disclosed: “Easterhouse Football Academy are looking for funding to obtain SFA online coaching badges for 28 people and purchase face masks and sanitizer.

“The amount they are asking for is £2800 and Baillieston AP has been asked to consider an award of £1400 which is recommended for approval today.

“There are 138 children participating in this organization including the 28 coaches.”

Aside from the youth football academy, Glasgow East Juniors Rugby Football Club, based in Baillieston, has also been handed a grant of £5011 for the purchase of equipment, Covid training, PPE, and marketing materials.

Members of the Baillieston area parentship committee agreed to approve the funding for the development of football in Scotland. Another application for over £5011 for several items at Glasgow East Juniors was then deliberated about by the same committee

Worries were raised concerning the £600 needed for the covid training and review. The committee confirmed it was required to acquire the services of a consultant to provide professional advice on how to move about their premises safely.

Councillor Philip Charles disclosed: “This is to do with covid and health and safety which should always be made a priority.

“I am kind of concerned as to what kind of advice this is. I am torn on it as it is Covid related but I quite like the idea of them giving us a brief on how this £600 would be spent as it seems like a lot of money to me for someone to give a brief.”

Members opted to grant the complete funding access and to request a presentation from the organization on how this fund will be spent, and online casino sites are quite curious about it.

They will also provide advice that covid training may be made available from professionals.

Grassroots clubs and Academies like this require urgent financial support, for essential needs like rent, training equipment, football kits, sundry costs, and football goals. The round leather game in Scotland is in trouble across the board due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but the crisis within grassroots football development is an emergency. It’s up to all football fans across the country to do their bit to save the beautiful game of football. 



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